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Five Essential Steps Toward New Franchise Development

Each year, smart and ambitious business owners across the country consider franchising. They want to scale their businesses. They want to grow. They want more financial freedom. Unfortunately, many never get beyond daydreaming about franchise development. Maybe they think they don’t have the time, resources, or energy. Maybe they are afraid of failure. Maybe they…Read more

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Is Your Business Fit for Franchising? Five Questions to Ask a Franchise Consultant

If your privately owned business is experiencing steady growth, you might be considering the idea of franchising it. Many entrepreneurs dream of establishing a small, locally owned business and fostering it into one of the biggest companies in the country. All companies started out small, even McDonald’s and Walmart! However, not every business is fit…Read more

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3 Signs Your Business is Ready for Franchising

There are plenty of reasons why the franchise model is so popular, especially among American business owners. Franchisors benefit by being able to use other people’s money to quickly and effectively expand their business, and earn more money without the hassle of negotiating with investors, risking assets with lenders or juggling too many micro-managing hats….Read more

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How to Write Your Franchise Disclosure Document

One of the things that is required when franchising your company is the franchise disclosure document, which is mandated by the Federal Trade Commission. The document is meant to provide franchisees with an accurate idea of what the potential risks and benefits of investing are, and is typically sent out at least two weeks before…Read more

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Five Smart Tips to Help You Franchise

Making the decision to franchise is exciting, but without an understanding of the process it can be tough to move forward with your plan. Here are five smart tips that can help you franchise and make the most of your opportunity. 1. Know Your Tolerance for Risk Most people who even entertain the idea of…Read more

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4 Things to Look for in a Franchise Development Company

If you think that your business is ready for expansion, one of the routes you may want to consider taking is franchise development. By franchising your business, you can grow your brand without taking as big of a financial risk. However, franchising your business is a lot easier said than done. Because of how complicated it…Read more

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10 Tips to Franchise Your Business Internationally

Today’s global marketplace has made it easier than ever to grow a business internationally, and franchising offers a proven way to achieve that expansion. Even though international franchising is a growing trend, going global is a big step that comes with lots of challenges such as cultural differences, language barriers, unexpected costs, unfamiliar regulations and…Read more

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Is a Trip Back to School Necessary before Taking the Leap into Franchise Ownership?

One of the first questions potential franchise owners ask is whether it is necessary to return to school to get a business education before investing in a franchise opportunity. After all, many of us were focused on other career paths in school, long before the idea of franchise ownership even entered our minds. Not having…Read more

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Thinking of Franchising? Now Might be the Time

2016 continues to be a great year for franchise and that trend is expected to continue. As a matter of fact, the International Franchise Association (IFA) predicts the number of franchises will grow 1.7 percent and add more than 275,000 jobs to the economy by year’s end. Despite the risk there is with franchising a…Read more

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Avoiding the Pitfalls: Five Reasons Franchise Startups Fail and How to Avoid Them

There are plenty of great reasons to turn your existing business into a franchise, but there are also some risks. Here are five of the most common reasons why franchises fail and what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen when you take the leap: Franchises Are More Than Legal Agreements and Operations Manuals…Read more

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The Most Important Questions to Ask If You are Franchising Your Business

Thinking of turning your existing business into a franchise? It’s a great idea – as long as you do it correctly. Here are several questions you need to consider before moving forward with your idea to franchise: Do I have a mature enough business to franchise? Just as with people, maturity doesn’t just mean number…Read more