We take pride in what we do at Accurate Franchising and the services we offer to help new franchisors as they begin building a franchise. When searching for a franchise development consultant, you want one that proves that they mean business while also sharing information about themselves, which shows they are a company that cares about their clients. Here are five things you may not have known about Accurate Franchising and how we can help current franchisors and future franchisors establish themselves or grow in the franchising industry.

Our Founder Has Been in the Business for Over 30 Years

Ray Titus is a person who never shies away from any franchising opportunity. Over thirty years ago, he started Signarama, a sign franchise that is now first in its category for franchises. He moved on from Signarama and founded Accurate Franchising, Inc., making a shift from franchising to franchise consulting. Through his leadership, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has helped numerous franchises grow and develop across the country and even internationally. Ray Titus’ success in the franchise industry has not gone unnoticed either. After a generous donation to the Palm Beach Atlantic University, Titus was honored with his own building dedicated to the higher education of franchising called the Titus Center for Franchising.

His work in franchising has directly translated to Accurate Franchising, Inc. and the success we have had in helping businesses expand through franchising and existing franchises grow. With thirty years of experience behind us and a founder who has dedicated his career to the industry, we can help anyone discover the best path for their business and provide advice and counsel throughout the process.

We Lead Your Discovery Process

The first step in building a franchise is finding out if franchising is the right step for your business. Franchising isn’t always the answer, but we have the right tools to help you figure out if it is best for your business. With our franchise feasibility questionnaire, we can accurately determine if franchising is the right step to expand your business, and we can help you derive a plan to do it.

Once it has been determined if the business is right for franchising, we can work with the business owner to develop a plan that will help their business become a brand through establishing a flexible business model that franchisees can adopt. Building a franchise isn’t easy, but with a consultant on your side to help you through the twists and turns of the franchising industry, you will be well-established to expand your business.

Franchising with Us Costs Less Than Opening Your Own Business

One of the most-asked questions that a business owner has is “how much does franchising cost?” Building a franchise isn’t free, but with the amount of time you save by establishing a business model that a franchisee can follow and exemplify, it will also save a lot of money. In addition, by choosing to expand through franchising rather than hiring store managers to run the operations of a second, third, and fourth location, you know they are dedicated to the success of their location because they have invested money and time into it just as you have. In addition to the cost, franchising also saves time for the franchisor. With franchisees running their own independent locations, the franchisor does not have to worry about each individual location and stay in contact constantly with all the store managers.

Our Biggest Strength is the Resources We Provide for Future Franchisors

Our thirty years of experience and growth has enabled us to perfect the art of growing businesses through franchising, and we have ample resources to help them. We have all kinds of assessments for profitability, franchise growth questionnaires, feasibility studies, and even more downloadable content that explains more about Accurate Franchising, Inc. and what we do, how to go about building a franchise, and what it means to expand through franchising. These resources help future franchisors learn the ins and outs of franchising before they make a decision, and by working with us to achieve their goal, it eliminates a lot of time and money that it may have cost otherwise.

We Can Help You with Building a Franchise

With all the resources we have created to help future franchisors accurately determine if franchising is the next step for their businesses, we are confident that our services can assist anyone with a dream of expanding their business. We have numerous franchise consultants that have helped over 300 franchises across the nation and even abroad find ways to grow their franchise or start one, and we even run our own franchises successfully to prove that we know the industry in and out.

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is a franchise consulting firm that strives on providing quality consulting services and strategies to help future franchisors derive a plan to expand their business by building a franchise and established franchisors grow theirs.

To learn more about Accurate Franchising, Inc. and how a franchise consultant can help you and your business, visit our website!