Accurate Franchising, Inc. provides franchising consulting services designed to help business owners grow. We can turn your successful business into a franchising opportunity by fine-tuning your existing franchise system or building one from scratch. We take your growth goals, business needs, and budget into consideration as we assist you with everything that’s involved.

If you already own a successful restaurant, store, or service brand, we can help you turn your great system into a franchise business opportunity. We fuel franchise growth with highly effective and targeted industry strategies so you can leverage the work you’ve already done, turn it into a thriving new business, and grant you recurring revenue without having to invest in new opportunities.

Let Accurate Franchising, Inc. help you achieve your growth goals!

What is Our History and Mission?

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is the leading franchise development firm and the only firm that actually owns and operates their own franchise brands. We’re experts in the marketplace and work in all franchise industries. Our first-hand experience with developing and growing franchises gives us an understanding of the process and what a franchisor needs to succeed.

Our franchise experience began nearly 40 years ago with a single Signarama store. Ray Titus worked for his father’s franchise, Minuteman Press, before expanding with Signarama. Mr. Titus went on to develop a group of successful brands and franchise development services. His group became known as United Franchise Group (UFG).

Today, UFG is recognized as the global leader for entrepreneurs. The Group consists of 8 award-winning brands, with more than 1,400 locations in over 60 countries. We combine our decades of franchising experience with the ability to look forward to the future, so we can offer our clients tried and true techniques combined with relevant ideas and growth tactics to be effective both now and in the future.

At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we have one customer: our franchisee. When they’re successful, we’re successful, so we place emphasis on putting the franchisee first. It’s our mission to develop franchise brands that create opportunities for the entrepreneurs we serve to grow and scale their passion.

How Can Our Model Help Your Business Grow?

When you decide to launch your business as a franchise, you’ll need to think about your expansion strategy. Accurate Franchising, Inc. puts years of practical knowledge to work for entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps into franchising. We’ve walked in your shoes, so we’re able to offer insights that other franchise development firms can’t match.

After spending years putting in the hard work to build your business, you may be conflicted with determining effective ways to expand. Investing in additional locations takes a good deal of capital and even more time and energy. By choosing to go the franchising route, you’ll have a more efficient way to expand your business without the time and expense of opening additional locations on your own.

For starters, we’ll help you determine if franchising is even right for you. We offer a free franchise feasibility study that takes just a few minutes to complete, and with it, we can provide valuable insight into your brand’s readiness to franchise. If it turns out that your brand isn’t quite ready, we’ll provide advice and insight to help you prepare.

From there, Accurate Franchising, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services to grow your business. It’s our objective to help you achieve your growth goals and beyond, so we work closely with our clients to ensure that our services are relevant, cost-effective, and cover all of your bases.

Our team of expert franchise consultants is at your service to guide you through the process of growing your franchise. We provide a portfolio of franchise development services to help your business reach its potential that include: franchise development, lead generation, sales support, real estate assistance, international expansion, CRM and support, and development of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

How Does AFI Assist the Community?

Accurate Franchising, Inc. knows how important the businesses we serve are to the communities where they operate. We work closely with the UFG staff to get involved in the community through philanthropic initiatives and help create a well-rounded culture.

We give back both financially and through active participation in our local communities. Accurate Franchising, Inc. is proud to participate in UFG Cares, which provides community assistance and emergency relief support. We participate in events held by Place of Hope, which provides housing and support services to children, youth, and families in need. We also work closely with members of the UFG staff to contribute to annual community service events, especially during the holiday season. Giving back to the community is an important way for us to encourage, educate, and empower our brands to improve our world.

What is Our Experience in the Franchise Development Service Industry?

As a franchisor, your business is dependent on the infrastructure of your franchise development services. Accurate Franchising, Inc. assists with the creation of key components for a successful infrastructure, including state registration, franchise agreement, brand policies and procedures, franchise royalties, training, and more.

The franchise development service industry continually grows in both providing support and in maintaining relationships with franchisees. At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we offer additional franchise development services that reflect this growth within our sales and marketing programs.

The franchising industry as a whole is experiencing a boom. Franchises were able to rely on their franchisors for support during the pandemic and, as a result of some careful rewiring to their systems, came out stronger and ready to hit the ground running.

In 2021, it was projected that more than 26,000 franchising locations would open, adding nearly 800,000 new jobs and contributing $477B to the U.S. economy. As more entrepreneurs consider franchising a source of revenue, the industry is becoming a more viable option for growth, and a more secure one at that, in these uncertain times.

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is the only franchise development consulting firm that owns and operates its own franchise brands. We have over 35 years of first-hand experience with franchising different business models, giving us an insider understanding of what franchisors need to be successful. This allows us to convert 8 to 10 concepts into franchises a month.

Additionally, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has a close connection with our UFG affiliate brands. This connection can provide services through these brands to keep both our clients and our UFG franchises strong.

Franchising is considered a safer option than going it alone. With more entrepreneurs looking for franchises to invest in, there’s never been a better time to consider expanding your empire with Accurate Franchising, Inc.

What Services Can AFI Provide to Our Clients?

Accurate Franchising, Inc. offers complete programs for growing businesses to expand into franchises. We’re able to provide a la carte services for clients that are tailored to their individual needs. After we determine if your business has franchise feasibility, we’ll work with you to build up your infrastructure.

From there, we can provide further resources depending on your business needs. Franchisees will need training, resources, and support, and you need a strong brand for them to invest in. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to grow your brand, whether you need lead generation, sales support, or real estate assistance.

No matter where you are in the process of growing your franchise, we have programs and techniques to strengthen your brand and help your business meet its potential. Even if you’re a mature franchisor, Accurate Franchising, Inc. can work with you to improve your strategic planning, branding, and franchise development to take you to the next level of prosperity.

Why Accurate Franchising, Inc. Should Be Your Partner of Choice

Accurate Franchising, Inc. has decades of experience with franchising. We practice what we preach, as we own 8 franchises ourselves and have been building, selling, and supporting franchise businesses for over 35 years. We spend our own time and resources to ensure that our advice and services are relevant, productive, and cost-effective.

We know that business is not static and is constantly changing. Along with our tried and true franchising techniques, we take pride in our ability to learn and adopt new technologies to better serve our clients. We have stayed on the cusp of these changes, as new technology creates the synchronicity to keep our services informed and relevant for our clients.

We also stand out from the competition because we are a part of United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG is the largest multi-brand private franchisor, and with their partnership, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has helped hundreds of companies franchise.

In the words of our President, Tipton Shonkweiler

It has been an amazing run for AFI. We have assisted hundreds of brands in getting launched in their franchise journey. We have worked in multiple sectors and industries along the way, including restaurant, health, medical, retail, and business service concepts. We have a streamlined and strategic approach to developing our clients’ brands into business-format franchise models. From our strategic business planning, legal documentation, operations services, and marketing services, including franchise launch strategies, we have been able to provide a comprehensive and efficient process for helping our clients begin to scale their brands through franchising.

We Help Franchises in All Industries

Accurate Franchising, Inc. represents franchisors in many shapes and sizes worldwide, each occupying a particular industry. It’s a key element of what sets us apart: our expertise in franchise development coupled with a deep knowledge of the individual industries the franchises we work with fall.

Some of the top industries that these franchises appear include:

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Restaurant and food
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Construction and trade
  • Engineering and technology
  • Financial and business services
  • Health and wellness

No matter your situation, chances are, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has seen it before. We’ll provide expert assessments to determine what is and what isn’t working in your current business model. From there, we’ll help you make any changes needed to put new processes and systems in place. Our advice is based on our current experience with the brands we work with and other past successes.

Worldwide Possibilities

Accurate Franchising, Inc. services are available worldwide! We have a goal to further expand our brand presence in the U.S. and Canada over the balance of 2022, while launching our services in Australia beginning the second quarter of this year.

Additionally, as we continue to grow our brand globally, we will be launching Accurate Franchising, Inc. in both Europe and Asia in the first quarter of 2023.

Any markets that are fully opened back up from the pandemic and those that are emerging growth markets are our indicators of a good market. Our current new, hot, and emerging markets include Columbus, Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tampa, and Nashville. We are promoting our franchise development services in all of these markets through online marketing, as well as trade shows to expand our services’ reach.

No matter your market, industry, or experience, Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you grow your business through franchise expansion.

Contact us today to learn more about why Accurate Franchising, Inc. is the best franchise consulting company to help take your business to the next level.