The Franchise Development Service Industry

Franchising is a great alternative to traditional business expansion strategies. When it comes time to grow your business, Accurate Franchising, Inc. provides a vast array of franchise development services to cover all of your bases and ensure that your expansion goes smoothly.

More entrepreneurs than ever before are considering investing in franchising opportunities as a means to start a business. Franchising held its own during the pandemic, with franchisors providing security and support to franchise owners while quickly adopting new approaches to come out even stronger. As a result, the industry is in the midst of a boom.

There’s never been a better time to consider franchising your business, and with Accurate Franchising, Inc. by your side, we can assist with everything you need from start to finish.

A Historic Start

It may seem like franchising is a relatively new industry, but in truth, the concept has existed since before the Middle Ages. Now, we may not be talking about modern-day franchising, but the purpose was relatively the same: franchisors provided help to those who wanted to start their own business.

Flash-forward several hundred years to 1986, and the idea for Accurate Franchising, Inc. came to Ray Titus. Mr. Titus had seen great success with turning his single Signarama store into an enormous global franchise and decided to combine his passion for franchising with his firsthand experience to make his business strategy accessible to others.

Today, Mr. Titus has grown his company, United Franchise Group, to over 1,600 locations in more than 60 countries. Mr. Titus brings invaluable expertise to the franchising industry, and Accurate Franchising, Inc. is proud to continue propelling his program forward.

Looking to the Future

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is proudly looking to the future to continue providing cost-effective and relevant services for our clients. With more than 26,000 franchising locations expected to open by 2021, more business owners are considering franchising as a way to tap into this industry boom and see more secure, viable growth.

As the franchise development service industry continues to grow, Accurate Franchising, Inc. offers our experience with tried and true techniques while looking forward to the future by adopting changes as the market evolves. We’re the only franchise development consulting firm that owns and operates our own franchise brands, so we have an insider perspective on the industry.

Let us help you grow your business. Accurate Franchising, Inc. consultants are dedicated to providing franchisors with a comprehensive suite of services, whether you need a Franchise Disclosure Document or are opening your 100th franchise location. Our outstanding support will guide you through the process and take your business to the next level!

We know that franchising depends on a strong infrastructure to be successful. Accurate Franchising, Inc. provides our expertise to set your brand up for success with key franchise development services that covers:

  • Registration and documentation
  • Franchise agreement and/or other contracts
  • Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Operations manual
  • Brand policies and procedures
  • Determining territories and exclusivity
  • Franchise fees/royalties
  • Training and support

We’re invested in ensuring that your franchise system is appealing to investors. When you have Accurate Franchising, Inc. in your corner, you’ll show prospective franchise owners that you have all the resources they need to succeed. We have the knowledge and experience to entice more would-be franchise owners to your brand with proven systems.