You don’t become one of the leading franchise consultant companies overnight. Here at Accurate Franchising, Inc., our ultimate goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their business in the best possible way. Whether it is a thriving business that is looking to expand through franchising or an established franchise that wants to grow more, we have the solutions to help hundreds of entrepreneurs across the nation and even internationally.

Who We Are

We have been in the business of helping businesses for over 30 years. Our founder, Ray Titus, also founded the Signarama franchise, which found success and is currently the #1 franchise in its category. Signarama’s success inspired Titus to put what he learned into practice. He knew that franchise consultant companies were popular as franchising became a huge pursuit for entrepreneurs, and he wanted to help them with his own expertise.

We are unique because we take the time to assess each and every customer to determine if franchising is the right path for them. We have several free resources like our franchise feasibility study, which helps us determine if a concept shows potential for franchising success. Once we find that a business is right to expand through franchising, we then move forward with franchise development. This includes things like policies and procedures, a turnkey business model, training manuals, and more.

What We Do

Unlike other franchise consultant companies, we have a strong portfolio that speaks for itself. We have helped over 300 businesses to grow by providing them with expert services that can only be found through Accurate Franchising, Inc. We provide marketing support to help you find prospects, we can help generate leads, and we even assist with franchise resales. We cover it all here at Accurate Franchising, Inc.

In addition to United States expansion, we also help franchises expand into international markets. We have strategically researched certain locations across the globe to determine if they are favorable for franchise concepts, and we can help you find one that will support yours.

Why We Are One of the Leading Franchise Consultant Companies

Our customers see the results of our work, and they appreciate us for it. By putting them first, we always make sure we provide them with the right services they need for their business to grow and prosper. We care about these entrepreneurs – our passion is to help them – which is why we are a leading franchise consultant company not just in the United States, but around the world as well.

Helping entrepreneurs grow their business is our passion, and we want them to go about it the best possible way. Not all businesses are right for franchising, and we want to help business owners find out the best path for them.

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to expand your business through franchising, find out how we can help you better than any of the other franchise consultant companies.