The best franchise consultants are able to help franchise owners with a variety of issues such as “how to franchise my business”. They are not only able to help you start a franchise or move an existing business to a franchise model, they are also able to support you throughout the life of your franchise as it expands. They can also assist you in evaluating a franchise opportunity.

What should you know about top franchise consultants before hiring one and what are the most important traits to look for when working with the best franchise consultants?

They Have an Understanding of Franchise Law

Often, people make the mistake of assuming that a franchise relationship structure is going to be consistent by nature. Not only are franchises all different when it comes to fees, rights, and obligations shared by franchisee and franchisor, they vary within a given industry. A qualified franchise consultant understands the laws that govern franchise ownership, but they also have a keen understanding of the various business issues that affect franchise relationships. It is also important to work with someone who has knowledge of franchise law because they can help you evaluate a particular franchise opportunity and review the documents before you sign the franchise agreement.

They Get to Know You

One of the most important things a franchise consultant can do is get to know his or her client before offering guidance or advice. This makes it easier to provide direction and share information that will be of value. It also helps if a potential franchisee gets to know the process of franchising in advance. Understanding the dynamics of franchising is an essential part of success.

They Consider Both the Franchisee and the Franchisor

Keep in mind franchise consultant earn their living from selling you one of the franchises they represent, but to really be a success in the business, they will only sell to those who are a good fit for a given franchise. It is a good idea to work with a franchise consultant of your own who can help you make the best decision for you and who does not directly benefit if you buy a particular franchise.

They Are Familiar with Your Geographical Location

Finally, it is important to work with a franchise consultant who knows the area and can help you make a smart choice based on your local market in order to “franchise my business”. Whenever possible, choose a franchise consultant that is nearby.

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