Perhaps the most important part of franchising is developing an infrastructure that is accessible to potential franchisees, and easy for them to understand.  This means giving franchisees a clear idea of what to expect financially, creating valuable resources for them to use, and a built-in support infrastructure that helps them along the way. When it comes to franchising a business, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has been in the game long enough to know exactly what prospective franchisees are looking for in their next opportunity. Here’s what you need to keep in mind. 


A Clear Idea of the Investment

Above all else, franchisees will want to know what they can expect from their franchise fee and royalties. They want to have a clear idea of how much they must invest in order to open and operate their business effectively, including the franchise fee, and any other required purchases and estimates for things like insurance or utilities. Try to be as forthcoming as you can with your estimation so franchisees have a clear picture of what their investment will look like. Understandably, they also want to know what this investment will yield. Indeed, qualified candidates have no shortage of franchise options, so you should pay special attention to educating them on why franchising a business with your company is their best option. 


A Suite of Helpful Resources

To ensure that your investors have all the tools they need to start a business with confidence, you need to make a suite of resources and training materials available to put your franchisees at ease. Franchising a business can be a daunting task and knowing that the franchisor has their back goes a long way. Providing a clear operations manual, franchise agreement, training, post-opening support, and other resources instills confidence in your brand, and shows franchisees that success is within their grasp. 



A Proven System to Attract Investors

Successful franchise development means attracting prospective franchisees to your brand and showing them why your concept is a better bet than all the other opportunities out there. Your franchise system needs to be easily adaptable, and accessible to franchisees from a variety of backgrounds.  This means you must educate prospective franchisees about the strength of your brand name, your history of success, and most importantly, your solid network of support that will be available to them every step of the way. Franchisees are usually looking for a safe and smart business model that will provide them with the flexibility they’ve always desired as well as a solid support system to give them direction. 


To learn more about what to keep in mind when franchising a business, reach out to Accurate Franchising, Inc. today.