If you’re looking for new ways to grow your franchise, geotargeting could be a valuable asset to your brand. Many franchisors already understand the value of inbound marketing to make sure your ads wind up in front of those who want to read them. Geotargeting takes this principle a step further by targeting an audience in a specific region. When people search for local franchise opportunities in one of your target areas, they’ll get your message. Here, learn more about geotargeting and how it could help your brand. 

When is Geotargeting the Right Strategy?

While many franchisors cast a wide net, working to attract franchisees across the U.S. and even internationally, there are times when they’re focused on a particular market. Maybe there’s a state with significant potential for a new location or a country you’re interested in that’s offering expansion possibilities. Geotargeting is a worthwhile option in cases like these because it allows you to focus on specific areas. If you’re using pay-per-click ads, this is also a great way to ensure that your budget goes a little farther. 

Best of all, today’s technology allows you to make nuanced decisions about who sees your ads, even distinguishing between those who live in an area vs. those who are just visiting. Hubspot explains:

… geotargeting doesn’t only need to be based on real-time location. It can also be based on historical location, meaning it can target people who have recently visited a region. On the other hand, it can also target those who actually live in a particular region and aren’t just passing through. You can use all of these geotargeting options in your marketing campaigns.

It’s also possible to take a balanced approach, using geotargeting as one of many digital tactics to help you get the best results for your marketing spend. 

How to Grow Your Franchise with Geotargeting

Many companies now offer geotargeting as part of their digital marketing services. Facebook, Google, and Instagram are just a few of the companies that provide geotargeting to advertisers. It’s certainly possible to set up geotargeting on your own, but partnering with an expert can help you see the best results. 

Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you set up a custom-tailored digital marketing program to meet your goals. Whether that involves finding more leads, better quality leads, rebranding your franchise, or anything in between, we have the tools to help. When you enlist us to help with geotargeting, you can count on our team to keep a close eye on your campaign results and make adjustments accordingly. 

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