While hiring a consultant to go over your business strategy might be insightful, it’s hard to feel confident that a one-time strategist is fully aware of the message of your brand. Through detailed evaluations and expert-level instruction, Accurate Franchising, Inc. is bringing a new standard for brands discovering how to build a franchise. Let’s take a quick look at the Accurate Franchising, Inc. experience and how we help best prepare you for the expansion of your brand. 

Assessing Your Future, Today

Franchising your brand is a big step in the development of your treasured investment, and Accurate Franchising, Inc. wants to help you answer all the necessary questions. First, we will evaluate the larger consumer interest in your business and determine if the demand is a fit for a larger supply. We will also take a quick look at the competition, evaluate their success in relation to their overall reach, and determine how your trajectory would compare. We want to take a deep dive into your business and uncover its potential.

Our consultations are driven to determine the success of your future franchisees as well. Most franchised businesses develop a detailed roadmap that each investor experience looks like — so we want to ensure that your process would be a comfortable and realistic transition for qualified leads.

Working Together to Meet Your Goals

When you bring on Accurate Franchising, Inc. to guide you on how to build a franchise, your goals are our goals. We know building your franchise is not as easy as just dreaming it up — your business will need to hit certain benchmarks prior to opening new territories. Part of this is the development of the infrastructure that is vital to your franchisees’ startup process. This includes the development of your franchise agreement and other contracts, FDD, operations manual and much more. We will also help you to take the necessary steps to ensure all of your documents meet state laws.

We Share Our Experience to Best Help You

Our repertoire of expertise and claims for in-depth involvement aren’t just tired claims and empty promises — we’ve built relationships with countless businesses transitioning their brand similar to the way you are. Throughout the past three decades, we have had the opportunity to partner with businesses of all stripes, from large to small across multiple industries. Our track record means that you can feel comfortable knowing we have techniques that are battle-tested and relevant to today’s evolving industries. We will take the experiences we have had with clients and brands similar to yours in order to formulate the best strategy for you. 

Our experience doesn’t come just from providing guidance. Our parent company United Franchise Group (UFG) has helped develop numerous businesses into flourishing franchise brands as well. So understand that we’ve been there, we have seen the process all the way through, and we want to partner with you in order to see your brand evolve to match your vision.

Do you want to learn more about how to build a franchise by tapping into our expertise? Let’s chat. At heart, we are entrepreneurs as well and always love to talk to passionate business owners looking to build their dream.