If you’re a business owner who wants to grow, and you’re asking yourself, “How can I build my franchise?” we have the answer — partner with Accurate Franchising, Inc. We’ve got 30 years of experience helping countless businesses grow their names and their brands and helping them stay competitive and viable in ever-changing conditions and markets. Let’s take a look at three ways we can help you answer the question, “How can I build my franchise?”


How Can I Build My Franchise? Lead Generation

It doesn’t mean anything to franchise a business if you can’t generate leads — reach your best customers and turn their interest into investments. At AFI, we have turned the art of selling franchises into a science. In fact, in a year’s time, we can generate as many as 40,000-50,000 franchise sales leads! How do we do it? We’ve developed a series of lead generation strategies that have helped countless franchisors grow their businesses. Our customized lead generation plans include updating websites, utilizing paid ads, and adding SEO-rich content, among other strategies to draw attention to the value of your opportunity. The fact is, we’re experts at generating leads, and when you partner with us, you can be confident in our lead-generation methods that have been fine-tuned for thirty years. 


How Can I Build My Franchise? Real Estate Assistance

You’ve heard it before — location is everything, and when you start a franchise brand it’s more important than ever. The location of a business can determine whether it’s successful or not, so it is absolutely essential to find the right location for each and every franchisee. We leverage our expertise to help our clients and their franchisees find the right locations, negotiate leases, and build out their sites if necessary, among other important steps toward growth. From start to finish, at every turn, we’re committed to helping franchisors and their partners start out on the right foot, and that means helping them secure the perfect place in which to do business.


How Can I Build My Franchise? Your Franchise Disclosure Document

A franchise disclosure document, or FDD, is a critical asset of your offering, a document that will outline in detail what your investment opportunity looks like, what your responsibilities are to a franchisee, and what they in turn are obligated to do and pay. We can help you refine or develop your FDD so that it leaves no question unanswered and nothing lacking in the way of vital information that your potential investors will need to make an informed decision. Your FDD is, in many ways, your brand’s calling card. We can help you make sure you cover all its important bases.  

Building a brand takes time, energy, dedication and vision. When you partner with AFI, you’ll have committed help on all fronts at all times. That’s our promise to you.

Ready to find out more about building your brand? Reach out to us today!