Whether you are a food and beverage fast-casual style franchise or a home improvement business, standing out from the competition is crucial for learning how to create a franchise system. When you franchise your business, you’re going into the process with the goal of reaching the masses. Therefore, establishing a unique brand message and service is important to best stand out. Our team at Accurate Franchising, Inc. have become experts on the franchising scene — we have seen what works and what doesn’t. Let’s take a quick look at what we believe makes a franchising experience truly stand out from your outreach strategies all the way to your support and training programs. 

Concrete Examples of Franchise Support and Training 

While claiming that your brand offers top-tier franchise training and support is all well and good, that might not suffice for qualified leads and investors that are seeing primed examples of these programs from your competitors. One of the greatest fears of investors prior to purchasing their location is not being able to transition into their new business or being left empty-handed post-sale. Therefore, showing your support and how it smoothly integrates your investors into their new business is important to building trust with interested investors. The support you highlight varies too: maybe your brand excels in building a marketing program that is effective for localized brand awareness, or maybe your Discovery Day agenda takes your franchisees deep into the inner workings of your business and what they should expect. Regardless of how you do it, it’s important to make sure that your training and support aren’t just empty promises. Show your candidates know the real results behind your exceptional direction

Testimonials from Proud Franchisees 

Although your brand might have a valued reputation amongst consumers, the franchising side of your business is an entirely different ball game. Franchise disclosure documents, royalty fees, and even franchisor training could all be foreign concepts for novice investors. Let’s work on putting examples to your names and claims. Examples that are recognizable and relatable for leads of all stripes, that way they know what the road ahead really looks like. If you’re a franchise that gives incentives or even targets veterans who want to own their own business, find a story in your brand that relates to that person. And if you have not built up that family of franchise owners yet, we can help you there too. Building content that speaks to that scared entrepreneur or curious multi-unit investor is important for a brand looking to discover how to create a franchise system.

Engaging Outreach and Creative Styles of Brand Awareness 

Since social media has been around for so long, many brands are jumbling all through their marketing toolbox for unique and innovative ways to stick out to the consumer. Whether that is by engaging in a conversation with active users on Instagram or creating polls on Twitter, finding the consumer and talking ‘with them’ as opposed to ‘at them’ is crucial. By implementing an engaging strategy to marketing your brand, your potential franchisees will also see this and trust you know how to build excitement around their potential investment.  

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