If you have reached a standstill in your franchise expansion, you are probably asking yourself, “How can I grow my franchise?” The franchising industry is fickle and oftentimes franchises need consulting to help them derive a plan to help their franchise grow. Here are four steps to help get your franchise on a track for growth.

Find a Trustworthy Franchise Consultant

Growing your franchise on your own can prove to be a very time-consuming task, and where time can be saved, so can money. That is why many franchisors utilize the services provided by a franchise consulting firm that can help with things such as lead generation, sales support, franchise resale, and more. These services help discover potential franchisees who may be looking for a franchise opportunity like your brand’s, as well as help you sell current, established franchises that may need someone to take over operations.

Utilize Services and Resources from a Franchise Consultant

A quality franchise consulting firm will have numerous years of experience and resources for a franchisor to utilize and help their brand grow. There are a lot of services that a franchise consultant can provide for a franchise, but if the franchisor is on the same page and understands the best strategies for the brand, it can help the consultant and the process by creating the best plan for your franchise. Here are some services and resources that a franchisor can utilize with the help of an Accurate Franchising consultant:

Franchise Marketing

Marketing is imperative to any business, and franchises are not excluded. At Accurate Franchising, we have over thirty years of franchise marketing experience and have used several techniques with franchises across the country. In addition, we have experience operating our own franchise brands and implementing marketing strategies for those as well. Our experience and success prove that we have techniques to grow franchises.

Franchise Real Estate

Locations of franchises are extremely important for their success. In order to accurately determine what locations should be the target markets for your franchise brand, working with a franchise consultant will help with the research. To grow a brand successfully, target markets must be thoroughly researched to make certain that these areas have key benefits that could lead to a successful franchise should one open there.

In addition to the research, Accurate Franchising consultants can help with things such as lease negotiation, permitting, and construction management to make the process smooth and effective for your brand to expand. Franchisees come from all sorts of different backgrounds, so creating a smooth process for their location to open can promote better growth.

Franchise Sales and Resales

Our franchise consultants have resources that can help you with promoting franchise sales through lead generation and other strategies that help potential franchisees find your brand. In addition to promoting more franchise sales, franchise consultants can also assist with discrete franchise resales so if a franchisee is looking to sell, it will not hurt the local brand.

Franchise Growth Questionnaire

One of the best ways to help a franchise consultant gauge and strategize what the best plan for your brand will be is to take the free franchise growth assessment available through Accurate Franchising, Inc. This will help the consultant understand the franchise that you have built, and what services the brand needs to help expand.

Develop a Plan

Accurate Franchising uses the free franchise growth assessment to help a franchise consultant strategize what services will best help you and your franchise grow. Once you complete it, a consultant will work with you to determine the next step to solving your “how can I grow my franchise?” question. With the franchise consultant’s expertise and better understanding of your franchise, you will be able to derive a plan of services that will best help your franchise grow.

Expand Internationally

After executing the plan that you and your franchise consultant created to promote the growth of your brand, you may be wondering what the next step may be to expand even further. Through international franchising, you could bring your franchise to new heights as people in other countries begin to invest in the opportunity, and you become an international franchisor. If international franchising is something that seems viable for your business, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has even determined worldwide franchise opportunities in other countries that may be perfect for your expansion.

The franchise consultants at Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help franchisors grow their franchise with all the resources and years of experience they have in the industry. These franchise consultants are well-equipped to help any franchise that may have reached a standstill and are looking for ways to answer the question “how can I grow my franchise?”

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