How to Grow Your Franchise without Missing a Beat

Trying to grow your franchise on your own can feel downright impossible. Even if you have a great franchising concept, you might not be sure where to start. Conversely, you might have started the process on your own with disappointing results. To succeed, franchisors not only need to develop an offering that meets all the legal requirements and appeals to investors, they need to catch the attention of people who are looking for an opportunity just like theirs. If you’re trying to grow your franchise, don’t go it alone. Here are a few ways that Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you through the process.

Develop a Model That’s Likely to Succeed for Franchisees

If you want to grow your franchise, chances are you’ve already developed a business that has achieved some success. However, it’s important that you develop a business model that’s likely to succeed in new settings (not all businesses pass this litmus test – we’ve developed a free franchise feasibility study to help analyze the potential of your business). Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help by improving the infrastructure of your franchise brand, building up a top-notch training and support program, and identifying target markets for your expansion.

Finding the Right Leads

We know that in order to grow your franchise, it’s not just a matter of generating leads – it’s about finding the right leads. In our more than 30 years of experience, we’ve learned how to reach target audiences. We’ll work with you to develop a profile of your ideal investor, then analyze demographic data to formulate a plan of action. We’ll launch a targeted campaign to catch their attention and show them what you have to offer. Our finely-tuned system is carefully calculated to get maximum results for our clients, many of whom see upwards of 40,000 leads each year.

Make a Long-Term Plan

It’s one thing to say you want to grow your franchise, but what will you do when that growth happens? The more franchises you sell, the more you’ll need to invest in resources to support them, not to mention the infrastructure to deal with an increased number of leads. At Accurate Franchising, Inc. we want our clients to achieve scalable growth. That’s why we work with them to come up with a plan for the future, helping prepare them to manage the growth they’re striving to achieve. Indeed, we know a thing or two about growth. We’ve worked with some of the best-known names in franchising, including Signarama, Blimpie, Costco Wholesale, and Ford.

Plan for International Expansion

Taking your brand global is a great way to maximize your growth. Many new franchisors have thought about expanding throughout the United States, but many U.S.-based franchise brands get their start here and then move on to new territory abroad. Accurate Franchising, Inc. simplifies the process of international expansion, helping our clients to become globally-recognized brands.
If you’re ready to grow your franchise without missing a beat, don’t wait – take our free franchise feasibility study today.