One of the first questions potential franchise owners ask is whether it is necessary to return to school to get a business education before investing in a franchise opportunity. After all, many of us were focused on other career paths in school, long before the idea of franchise ownership even entered our minds. Not having a business education can seem daunting if you are planning to run your own business.

The good news is it is possible to run a successful franchise without the cost and time commitment of additional schooling, but that does not mean you should not consider it. For some, formal business education can give them the confidence needed to launch into this new phase in their lives.

Going back to school offers a number of benefits for franchise owners, including gaining tangible skills that will help you run your business. For instance, you can study business-related leadership, critical thinking, and communication. School gives you an opportunity to hone business skills before your livelihood is on the line. It can also help you with franchise-specific topics, such as medical care or computer maintenance.

Though some are eager to return to a classroom setting, many are intimidated by the idea or just do not think it is a good investment of their time or money. They want to jump into their franchise and would rather learn-as-they-go. This is OK too. If you already have the skills you need to run your franchise there is no reason to bother with school.

Some people also have a natural talent for running a business, even without formal training. And finally, many franchise opportunities offer some formal training to help you get started with your specific investment.

The best thing you can do is evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and then determine if enrolling in a class is the best way to eliminate those weaknesses. It is a personal decision that varies based on the franchise and the franchise owner.