Is my business ready to franchise? That can be a complicated question for newcomers to franchising. More businesses than ever are choosing to franchise rather than open company-owned locations. It’s a great way to grow your brand without needing to invest all of the time and capital on your own. Franchises exist across industries, and if you’re running a successful business, you could have a great concept on your hands. 

Accurate Franchising, Inc. has been building up franchise brands for decades, and we were founded by United Franchise Group, a leader in the industry. We’re happy to assess your business model and let you know if franchising is the right step for you – check out our free franchise feasibility study! In the meantime, learn about a few of the criteria we assess. 

A Successful Concept

If you’re wondering, “Is my business ready to franchise?” chances are you’ve already experienced some measure of success. If it’s going to work on a larger scale, great franchise concepts should be thriving in their initial locations. If you

  • Have a loyal customer base,
  • Frequently attract new customers,
  • And are seeing strong returns on your investment,

your business could make a great franchise. 

A Growing Industry

To attract prospective franchisees, it’s essential your business operates within a growing industry. It lets investors know that there’s likely to be strong demand for their services, and there’s potential for growth well into the future. If you don’t know much about industry projections in your space, Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help assess them for you. 

Great Potential Nationwide and Internationally

Just because your business is successful locally doesn’t mean your business is ready to franchise. Are the products or services you have to offer too “niche?” Will they be in high demand in communities outside of your own? That’s an important question to answer, as Accurate Franchising, Inc. aims to help you attract buyers nationwide or even worldwide. 

What Does Accurate Franchising, Inc. do to Help? 

When you complete our franchise feasibility study, we’ll let you know if your business is ready to franchise. If not, we’ll lay out what you should work on to get it ready for franchising. If it is, we’ll come up with a customized plan to help you franchise your brand. We’re here to help with everything from branding, to creating a Franchise Disclosure Document, to marketing. Once your franchise is established, we can provide optimization services to ensure you’re growing at the right pace and effectively connecting with prospects. 

If you’re new to franchising, put Accurate Franchising, Inc.’s expertise to work for you! Contact us today to see if your business is ready to franchise.