Finding qualified buyers for your franchise system takes a fair amount of work and due diligence. As a franchisor, you can’t simply award franchises to anyone who’s willing to give you money; you need to be selective, choosing people who will help your brand succeed.

A good place to start is with your lead generation and sales strategies. Franchise consultants can help you form solid tactics that will generate quality leads and then help you sell your franchise concept. Use some of these lead generation and sales strategies, with the help of franchise consultants, to expand your franchise.

Lead Generation

Garnering interest in your brand is the first step to signing new franchisees, and lead generation is how you do that. The difficult thing about generating leads is finding leads that are qualified for your brand. Accurate Franchising, Inc., the leader in franchise consultants and lead generation, uses a few strategies to help clients find the leads who will eventually become franchisees. Some of those strategies include:

  • Paid Ads – Available on search engines and social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, paid ads can get your brand to the top of your prospects’ minds. Although, it is worth mentioning that paid ads can be expensive if not used properly, so getting help from someone who knows what they are doing is a must.
  • Web Updates – Keeping your brand website up to date makes a major difference in how your franchise prospects see you. Visiting an outdated, poorly-designed, or glitchy website is a turn-off to investors in the information age, so take the time to update your website.
  • Content Updates – Content converts. Not only should your website be designed well, but the content must be both informational and optimized for maximum search value. Great content shows what your company is all about and why the reader should reach out for more information.


You already have a strong brand, a support infrastructure, and dozens of leads for your franchise, but without the ability to seal the deal you will never sell a franchise. A strong sales strategy helps you meet your expansion goals, especially when partnered with smart lead generation efforts.

Here are some ways to improve your franchise sales:

  • Stay Flexible – Selling is an imprecise art. Each sale is different from the last, so following a strict formula doesn’t get you anywhere. Still, without a strategy, your sales efforts will fall flat. The answer is to stay flexible and adaptable.
  • Focus on Recruiting – Instead of trying to sell as many franchises as possible, pay attention to the kind of people who are reaching out to you about your opportunity. Are you struggling to sell because they are a poor fit? If you can focus on recruiting the right people who will succeed with your brand, then your sales will improve.
  • Enlist the Pros – Franchise consultants can help you up the ante on your sales strategy. Measuring your success and failures is essential if you want to improve, but it can be difficult to know exactly when and how to measure. That’s what the pros are for. They have the experience to know what to look for and how to improve your methods.

If your lead generation techniques need work or your sales are stuck in a rut, AFI is the answer you need! Contact us to find out about the services we offer.