Business regulations, especially franchise regulations, can be intimidating. As any business owner will tell you, there will be at least one time – probably more – when you are going to feel as if your hands are tied. It helps to know what you are up against before you start a franchise.

This is especially true if you have been running your business for a while and you are used to things being a certain way. Franchising can feel like a whole new world and the regulations might take a bit of getting used to.

  1. The first thing you should understand regarding franchise regulations is that they will apply to you. No matter what business you are in or what the specifics of the franchise might be, you will be subject to federal, state, and potentially even local regulations. Do not assume that your business is different or that whatever unique situation you have created would not need to adhere to the regulations – it will.
  2. Next, understand the severity of not adhering to regulations. You will be entering into legal agreements with your franchisees, which means if you do not adhere to regulations and it affects them negatively, they might have the right to take legal action against you. That is the last thing you want, especially if you are new to franchising and you want to get started off on the right foot. Also, do not be intimidated by this perceived power the regulators and your franchisees have over you. These franchise regulations are in place to protect you, too.
  3. Finally, you should work with someone who is an expert in franchising and has a keen understanding of franchise regulations. This is especially true at the beginning of the transition or launch of your franchise, but it can also help to check in and review regulations and how they apply to your business on a periodic basis.