As the only franchise consulting company that owns and operates 10 franchise brands, Accurate Franchising, Inc. (AFI) has a solid history that we stand by. Along with our name and industry experience, we take our work very seriously, which is the cornerstone of our operational principles.

Along with several other factors, the pandemic contributes to the rise of franchise consultants, as many see an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a promising industry. At AFI, we have 150+ dedicated franchise consultants who work diligently to help clients grow their businesses. Our reputation is known for excellence, and we stand behind our principles with each client.

We aim to guide you through the franchise process and empower you with the information you need to expand your business through many different services. We invite you to take a closer look at our culture and values to understand better how we’ve become an industry leader in such a short time.

Support Resources that Drive Results

When our clients are successful, we’re successful, and AFI is all about getting results. AFI’s commitment to our clients is to provide resources that can assist you during the initial engagement process and elevate the standards of your business for success well into the future. We see our clients as valuable businesses who could potentially serve as long-term partners.

A few of the franchise consulting services that we provide include:

  • Franchise Development
  • Resale Program
  • Lead Generation
  •  International Expansion
  • Marketing
  • Franchise Disclosure Agreements
  • Financing
  • Real Estate Assistance

AFI is fully engaged in the partnerships we create and works to provide each with the tools to help grow their business. Here’s an example of what one of our partners had to say about working with AFI:

“Having worked with hundreds of franchise development professionals across the industry, I am confident there are few others at the AFI team’s level. Their understanding of what it takes to be successful and most importantly, their commitment to executing that plan is unrivaled. As technology continues to influence the franchising community, there may be no group better positioned for the future.” – ELI ROBINSON, COO, Metric Collective

Read more client testimonials here.

Strength in Numbers

The first three months of 2022 were a record-setting quarter for AFI. We signed more contracts during that time than we ever have during a similar three-month period, and that’s not by accident. We nurture our partners and work with them on their terms, with individual strategic planning options that promote success tailored to their specific industry.

At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we don’t shy away from our numbers. They show the power, reach, and depth of our experience. This includes:

  • We’ve helped establish 2,500+ new locations worldwide
  • We’ve worked with more than 200 brands in 80+ countries
  • We have 35+ years of experience as franchisors and franchise development advisors
  • We own 10 franchise brands that we support ourselves

While these numbers are great, our most significant investment is in the people we work with—and those for whom we work! We secure the highest talent level and teach them a business model we’ve spent decades tailoring to the specific requirements of franchising your business. The result is the one-on-one personalized attention that places our clients’ needs first.

Leading the Way toward Franchise Development

With a successful history in franchise consulting and development, the future of AFI is bright. We embrace technology and new methodologies that can help create opportunities for small businesses that seek to expand their portfolios toward becoming franchisors. Brick and mortar business is a mainstay, but we also support online and hybrid businesses that seek to thread the needle toward a future yet to be defined.

AFI is known as “the franchisor of franchisors” for a reason. We’ve evolved from a franchise operator to a franchise developer and consultant. And we use our industry experience to help up-and-coming businesses find their place in the franchise industry, guiding them toward success based on our “trial by error” experience.

And that’s where you’ll find the difference. AFI’s experience can help you avoid crucial missteps and position your business for success based on years of experience with franchise consulting.

To learn more about AFI’s values and culture, contact us today.