Accurate Franchising, Inc. offers numerous valuable franchise development services to help franchisors maximize growth. We work with large franchises that have been around for years, as well as new franchises that are at their early stages. No matter where your brand is on the spectrum, we can create a custom franchise development package to suit your needs and budget. Here, learn about a few of the most popular franchise development services Accurate Franchising, Inc. has to offer.

1. Lead Generation

If your franchise’s growth has stagnated, you need to boost your lead generation. Given our 30+ years in the industry, our team has many strategies to boost the number of leads you receive. Search engine optimization, fresh marketing campaigns, and brand building can all work wonders to this end. In one year’s time, we can generate as many as 40K-50K franchise leads.  

Will your team require assistance with qualifying and nurturing all of these leads? We can help with that as well. We offer a number of franchise development services related to CRM and lead flow.

2. International Expansion

There are lots of great reasons to expand internationally. Some franchisors feel they’ve nearly saturated the market in the U.S. Others offer products and services that are in high demand in other countries. Whatever the reason, Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help. Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to franchising, and we know how to effectively cut through the red tape to simplify the process of international expansion. 

3. Financing

If you’re ready to take your franchise to the next level, an infusion of cash can really help to make the difference. Our expert team can help you develop a comprehensive business plan that will make your franchise stand out to lenders. We can also help you to break down how much capital you’ll need exactly to finance your franchise’s expansion. 

4. Franchise Disclosure Documents (and Other Legal Resources)

Getting the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) right is critical. Your franchisees will refer back to the FDD for years to come to ensure that they’re getting the support they signed up for and are doing their part for the brand. Not only can Accurate Franchising, Inc. help to develop new FDDs from scratch, but we can also help your company stay on top of updates to your existing document.

Along these lines, we understand the importance of fine print throughout all the content you produce. We can help ensure that your bases are covered and that you’re providing your franchisees and leads with the right information. 

These are just a few of the franchise development services we have to offer. Whatever the unique needs of your franchise, we’re well-equipped to help you find solutions.

Contact Accurate Franchising, Inc. today to create a custom service package for your franchise.