Franchising your business is a great way to expand without the added stress of having to run each individual location yourself. At Accurate Franchising, we’ve seen time and time again how beneficial it can be to convert your independent business into a franchise, and we’re the perfect partner for guiding you through the process. From putting people in charge of your franchises who are actually invested in their success, to the global expansion you’ve always dreamed of, here’s why franchising your business with our help is the right career move.

Put People in Charge Who are Invested in Success

Independent businesses must invest a lot of time and money into training store managers, to ensure they’re qualified and equipped to run the business without supervision. However, since they aren’t personally invested in the success of the franchise, and could easily quit when a better offer comes along, this model isn’t ideal if you’re serious about starting a business empire. When you’re a franchisor, you don’t have to deal with turnover at the management level. Franchisee store owners are responsible for recruiting and training their own staff, and should they choose to leave the company, they’ll sell their business to another owner. When they sign on to franchise with you, they’re as closely linked to the franchise’s success as you are.

Franchisee Success Equals Your Own Success

When you recruit franchisees, you’re not just recruiting employees. You’re hiring investors who have spent a significant amount of money to open a new new location of your business. Unlike corporate employees who are paid the same rate regardless of the business’s performance, franchisees only make money when the business is successful,  meaning they have an extra incentive to go the extra mile. You will find that managing a team of franchisees feels more like having dozens of co-partners, who are equally invested in your business’ success.

Expand Your Brand

You can only be so many places at once. To build a business empire, whether it’s domestic or international, you need to maximize your presence while minimizing cost. Franchising allows you to build an endless number of new locations without personally shouldering the expense of labor, inventory, and location rental fees. It’s a win-win situation. Franchisees will get the benefit of your brand recognition in opening their new business, and you will get a new location, in a new territory, with an owner as committed to the investment as you are.

With Accurate Franchising, franchising your business has never been easier. We have years of experience helping business owners develop the resources and materials needed to start building a franchise empire. Reach out to us today for more information, or to get started.