Recently, a brand new and spectacular Venture X franchise opened its doors in Plano, Texas. The grand opening event was one to remember as visitors flooded through the facility to check out everything it has to offer. Hundreds of visitors and VIPs were there to witness the unveiling of the largest, most impressive Venture X location to date. The massive, 25,000 square foot Venture X features expansive windows that showcase the panoramic views from every angle of this fourth-floor location.

No one could be happier for the Venture X franchise brand than our Accurate Franchising team. You see, Venture X is just one of the many franchise brands we’ve worked with in our more than 30 years of experience. With four more openings in the works and expansions on the horizon, Venture X is the embodiment of everything we aspire to achieve for all of the brands we represent. Let’s take a closer look at Venture X and their road to success.

A Great Business Model

One of the reasons that Venture X franchise has enjoyed recent growth is that their business model hits upon an important trend: Freelancers are projected to become a dominant demographic of the workforce within just 10 years, and these professionals need a flexible place to work. Because their business model catered to an underserved demographic, opening a franchise was a great option for them.

Like many of the brands we work with, Venture X didn’t conceive its franchise business plan overnight – we worked with them extensively to prepare them to enter the franchise landscape. Many small businesses have a similarly great business model based around a unique service, a tantalizing menu, or an innovative product, but they never explore franchising as an option. When you contact Accurate Franchising, we’ll work with you to assess your business and see how well franchising would meet your needs.

A Well-Prepared Franchisor

Another important part of opening a franchise is ensuring that you are well-prepared as a franchisor. One of the reasons that Venture X stands apart from other franchisors is that they have developed a comprehensive franchise offering for their potential investors. With the help of Accurate Franchising, they put together an impressive training program that includes hands-on, in-store, and online components. They also demonstrate to their franchisees that Venture X will be there to support them as they grow their businesses. Offerings like these inspire trust from potential franchisees, and they weren’t developed overnight.

Accurate Franchising helped Venture X with franchise development so that they’d have the most attractive franchise opportunity possible. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your business plan is if you can’t inspire confidence from investors. We offer similar services to all of the clients we work with. Whether it’s improving corporate imagery, developing a franchise disclosure document, or constructing a training program, we’ll help prepare you to be a strong franchisor.

The Venture X franchise model is just one example of an Accurate Franchising client who has gone on to enjoy growth. Contact us today to learn more about opening a franchise!