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A Strong FDD is Vital in the Franchise Industry

What Is the Franchise Disclosure Document and Why Do You Need it to Franchise Your Business? When you franchise your business you’ll need to have a number of resources ready for your franchisees, and the franchise disclosure document (FDD) is perhaps the most important. The FDD spells out everything investors need to know about your…Read more


How to Grow My Franchise with Simple Techniques

How to Grow Your Franchise without Missing a Beat Trying to grow your franchise on your own can feel downright impossible. Even if you have a great franchising concept, you might not be sure where to start. Conversely, you might have started the process on your own with disappointing results. To succeed, franchisors not only…Read more

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Replace Store Managers With Store Owners as You Franchise Your Business

Franchising your business is a great way to expand without the added stress of having to run each individual location yourself. At Accurate Franchising, we’ve seen time and time again how beneficial it can be to convert your independent business into a franchise, and we’re the perfect partner for guiding you through the process. From…Read more

what is a franchise consultant

What Is a Franchise Consultant and How Can You Benefit from One?

If you have been searching for the right way to turn your successful business into a booming franchise, you may have realized that going about it alone might not be the right answer. Knowing the answer to the question, “What is a franchise consultant?” opens yourself and your business up to the right help from…Read more

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Want to Franchise but Don’t Know How? We Can Help Get You Started

Starting a franchise can have many benefits, in addition to simply expanding your business. One of the biggest challenges of going about it is starting on the right foot with a plan that helps you facilitate growth. You may be wondering how to do this, and what kind of steps you can take to ensure…Read more

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How to Develop a Foolproof Franchise Growth Strategy

Once you took the step to turn your small business into a franchise, you probably thought, “now what?” Going through the motions of setting up a franchise brand may not have been enough to actually help it grow, but Accurate Franchising can help. Our 30+ years of experience in the industry has helped us get…Read more

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To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That Is the Question

You are the owner of a successful and growing independent business. Your profits are soaring, your employees are happy, your productivity is high, and it is time to expand. You can grow your business in two ways: opening new corporate-owned locations or franchising your business. How do you decide? Learn the difference between franchise and…Read more

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4 Top Questions Your Franchisees Will Need Answered

If you plan to recruit owners and sell franchises, you need to be prepared to answer the burning questions that your prospects will be asking. As you franchise your business, part of your preparation will be anticipating these critical questions and preparing the answers that your prospective franchisees need. Here are a few of the…Read more

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Are Your Franchising Efforts Stuck? How to Sell More Franchises

If you’re a franchisor looking to make more sales, chances are your franchise development could be re-evaluated. Franchise development covers many of the aspects of franchising that buyers pay attention to, helping to define your brand not just as a business, but as a potential franchise partner. As the experts in turning businesses into franchise…Read more

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How to Grow Your Business One Franchise at a Time

Franchising is a great opportunity to turn your business into something more than it is now. No matter how much success you have achieved, if you have not grown, you are not going to ever reach the point you have dreamed of. Franchising offers a path to unlimited success without requiring you to work round-the-clock…Read more

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The Franchisor-Franchisee Business Relationship

The difference between the franchisor and the franchisee is often confused. They are not the same thing, and though they work closely to ensure the success of a franchise, their role is very different. Without a franchisor, there can be no franchisees. And without franchisees, there can be no franchise. The franchisee is the person…Read more


How to Build a Franchise System from Scratch

It takes a lot to build a successful franchise and to help others do the same within your system. The average business owner – savvy as they might be – has no idea what it takes to transition from what they have now to a franchise. To successfully build a franchise, you need to be…Read more