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How Accurate Franchising Can Turn Your Strengths into Profits

If you are a successful business owner, you have the strengths needed to also be a successful franchisor. The biggest challenge of the transition, however, is doing it in a way that keeps your current business successful while also expanding through franchising. You want to make sure each and every location is as successful and…Read more

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Funding Doesn’t Have to Be a Barrier: 3 Financing Tips

As the saying goes, two is always better than one, and the same goes for business expansion. Three, four, five, or more locations are a true testament to a business’ growth, but how much will it all cost? Expanding through franchising is known to be potentially cheaper than opening multiple corporate-owned businesses, but where does…Read more

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How to Grow My Franchise in 4 Steps

If you have reached a standstill in your franchise expansion, you are probably asking yourself, “How can I grow my franchise?” The franchising industry is fickle and oftentimes franchises need consulting to help them derive a plan to help their franchise grow. Here are four steps to help get your franchise on a track for…Read more

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3 Things You Need to Know about Franchise Resales

A franchise resale can be a smart financial move, but only if you invest a little time and effort into the pre-sale. There are several things you need to know before moving forward. Start by analyzing the methods used by the franchise. You will need to adhere to these methods, especially when it comes to…Read more

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Improve Your Franchise Marketing with Accurate Franchising, Inc.

Marketing your franchise is an essential part of success, but many franchisors are lost when it comes to marketing. And when there is no system at the top for marketing a franchise – to franchisees or to customers – failure is more likely. What are some of the things you can do to improve your…Read more

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The Franchisor-Franchisee Business Relationship

The difference between the franchisor and the franchisee is often confused. They are not the same thing, and though they work closely to ensure the success of a franchise, their role is very different. Without a franchisor, there can be no franchisees. And without franchisees, there can be no franchise. The franchisee is the person…Read more

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5 Secrets for Successful Franchise Marketing

Marketing your franchise is one of the keys to its success. If you are about to embark on the franchising journey, what are a few of the best steps you can take to ensuring it’s successful? 1. Market Your Franchise Online One of the most powerful tools you have available for marketing your franchise is…Read more