franchise your business

How Accurate Franchising Can Turn Your Strengths into Profits

If you are a successful business owner, you have the strengths needed to also be a successful franchisor. The biggest challenge of the transition, however, is doing it in a way that keeps your current business successful while also expanding through franchising. You want to make sure each and every location is as successful and…Read more

franchise your business

4 Top Questions Your Franchisees Will Need Answered

If you plan to recruit owners and sell franchises, you need to be prepared to answer the burning questions that your prospects will be asking. As you franchise your business, part of your preparation will be anticipating these critical questions and preparing the answers that your prospective franchisees need. Here are a few of the…Read more

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Franchising Opportunities: A Bright Spot on the Horizon

If you have ever thought about turning your business into a franchise, or you are currently an owner who wants to grow a franchise, there has never been a better time. Franchising is a proven business model. If you have a desire to expand, a need for capital to fuel your expansion, and a goal…Read more

Avoiding the Pitfalls: Five Reasons Franchise Startups Fail and How to Avoid Them

There are plenty of great reasons to turn your existing business into a franchise, but there are also some risks. Here are five of the most common reasons why franchises fail and what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen when you take the leap: Franchises Are More Than Legal Agreements and Operations Manuals…Read more