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To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That Is the Question

You are the owner of a successful and growing independent business. Your profits are soaring, your employees are happy, your productivity is high, and it is time to expand. You can grow your business in two ways: opening new corporate-owned locations or franchising your business. How do you decide? Learn the difference between franchise and…Read more

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Why Choose Accurate Franchising? Three Ways We Can Help Your Business

Are you thinking about turning your existing business into a franchise? Franchise consulting can help you achieve your goals and ensure everything goes smoothly. How can Accurate Franchise help you? 1. Determine If Your Business Is Right for Franchising Not every business is right for franchising, even if it is wildly successful. In order to…Read more

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Already a Franchisor? Learn Three Ways a Franchise Broker Can Help Your Business Grow

If you already own a successful franchise and you are focused on growth, a franchise broker can be a valuable asset for your business. He or she will take some of the burden off your shoulders and help you make your business even more successful. Here are three ways a franchise broker can help your…Read more