Are you looking for the best franchise consultants to help you get started in the franchising process? There are a few important things you need to consider. These three traits of the best franchise consultants can help you make a decision that is right for you and your business.


Finding a franchise consultant with experience is essential. Ideally, you will be able to locate someone with experience in the industry in which the specific franchise operates, but this might not be necessary. There are plenty of “generalists” out there who understand what it takes to set up and own a franchise, but might not have specific experience in a given industry. The key is to look at a consultant’s overall experience and feel confident they are able to guide you in the right direction and offer the support you need.

Industry Backing

There are plenty of organizations that can vouch for professionals. From doctors to lawyers to tradesman, and even franchise consultants, professional organizations give you a look into industry standards and can help you make the best choice. Look for a franchise consultant who is a member of a reputable professional organization. This not only means they have met certain standards, it also means the organization is willing to put their reputation on the line to back this particular consultant.


When it comes to hiring a franchise consultant, it is important to consider value, as opposed to hourly rate. Top franchise consultants might be the most expensive option, but not necessarily. Just as you would not make your decision about a doctor based on whether he or she is the cheapest option available, nor should you do this with a franchise consultant. Understand the cost involved, ask for an estimate upfront, but know that cost should not be your final determining factor.

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