From franchise owner to franchise consultant — that’s the road that the founder of Accurate Franchising, Inc., Ray Titus, took — and why, when it comes to how to build a franchise, he is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your franchising goals. Ray began his career along with his father, Roy, owning and operating one Signarama store in Farmingdale, New York. Together, the men grew their business into an impressive franchise system that included 800 locations in more than 70 countries around the world. If Ray could that for himself, he can do it for you, too!


Uniquely Qualified

Put simply, nobody knows how to build a franchise brand better than Ray Titus. If you’ve got big dreams about taking your business to the next level by franchising it, then Ray is the person who can help make that happen. Ray and his team of experts are uniquely qualified to help you build your emerging brand, not only because he did it for himself and his own business, but also because at Accurate Franchising, Inc., we’re the only franchise development consulting firm that owns and operates our own franchise brands. We know exactly what it takes to turn one successful business into many, and will work closely with you to help you realize your goal of doing the same. Today, Accurate Franchising, Inc., is home to eight franchise brands with 1,400 locations in over 80 countries. With these impressive numbers comes a lot of expertise in how to build a franchise — knowledge that has taken over 30 years to accrue and that you and your emerging brand will directly benefit from.


We Know How to Build a Franchise

There are a lot of good reasons to franchise a business: not only is it a great way to grow in a cost-effective manner, but you replace managers with actual owners who are far more vested in your business’s success. Because Ray and his teams of experts have so much background and experience at growing emerging brands, we know that not all businesses are suited for franchising. That’s why the very first thing we do at Accurate Franchising, Inc., is hold a franchise feasibility consultation, to make sure your efforts aren’t wasted. Once we’ve established that yours is a solid business to grow, we’ll help you develop the infrastructure to transition from a single business to a franchise. We’ll create a plan that includes designing corporate imagery, ensuring your rights to your intellectual property, making financial projections, and a lot more. We’ll also help you market your new franchise to prospective buyers, allowing you quicker growth than you might otherwise see had you not become a franchisor. We have an intimate understanding of what a franchisor needs to succeed, and will apply everything we know about franchising to the success of your emerging brand.

Ray and everyone at Accurate Franchising, Inc., are committed to helping businesses grow and achieve their fullest potential. We’ve been helping them do just that for three decades, and can do the same for you!

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