Once you have decided to franchise your business, you began a journey through an industry that has seen exponential growth over the years. According to the 2018 Franchise Business Outlook by The International Franchise Association, the franchising industry is expected to generate $450 billion, and opportunities may prove to have more stability and security in harder times than other employment or entrepreneurial endeavors.

It is no secret that turning your business into a franchise has a chance for profitability, but finding ways to increase that chance is something that no franchisor wants to miss out on. Learn more about international franchising and how Accurate Franchising can help you and your brand.

Identify Countries and Areas That Best Fit for Your Franchise

There are 196 countries in the world, so determining which ones are right for your franchise could be a time-consuming task. With a franchise consultant from Accurate Franchising, you will have someone to guide you through the pros and cons of franchising in different countries and help you narrow down the list. In addition, a franchise consultant can help you modify your business model to adapt to countries all around the world.

The business model is important for international franchising because it must align with a variety of different cultures but still hold the goals and brand identity with it. Accurate Franchising has strategies to help accommodate this thanks to 30 years of industry knowledge the firm has obtained. At Accurate Franchising Inc., we have determined some countries that may have the best demographics to uphold your brand’s values and also be easily adaptable for an American brand. These countries include Great Britain, Australia, and Canada.

Develop a Strategy to Find Prospects for International Franchising

Just deciding you want to franchise internationally is not always enough to do it successfully. Once you have narrowed down your demographic and what prospects you want to pursue, now you need to find them. The best ways to go about this are trade shows, targeted advertising, and franchise shows. These have all worked for franchises in the past, and with the rise in popularity of the Internet and social media, new ways have been created to find these prospects.

Through a user-friendly website, targeted online campaigns, established social media presence, and more, the Internet has become a one-stop shop for prospective franchisees to find all the information they need and make informed decisions about what franchise opportunity to invest in.

This may sound like a lot of time and work to get prospective franchisees to find you, but with the services that Accurate Franchising offers, we can help you create a marketing strategy that is perfect for your international franchising expansion.

Create a Comprehensive, Personalized Plan Through Accurate Franchising

Accurate Franchising’s consultants have the experience and the tools needed to help expand your brand through international franchising. Their comprehensive services and advanced industry knowledge make it possible to narrow down the location options around the world and develop a business model to adjust. In addition, Accurate Franchising has advanced inbound and outbound marketing knowledge and strategies to help create a diverse marketing strategy that utilizes both to help find prospective franchisees.

If growing your franchise internationally is something you want to learn more about, contact Accurate Franchising today to learn more about international franchising opportunities.