There are lots of great reasons to partner with Accurate Franchising, Inc. for franchise development services. Whether your franchise brand is large or small, well-established or just starting, we have the resources and the expertise to help you bolster your franchise offering. Read on to learn about just a few of the valuable services we have to offer. 

When you have time, check out our Franchise Profitability Calculator and Franchise Feasibility Questionnaire – these tools can demonstrate exactly how much you have to gain from optimizing your franchise with us!

Making Your Franchise More Attractive to Investors

We can help you to develop a franchise offering that’s attractive to prospective franchisees. We’ll work with your team to help you highlight the parts of the investment that will be most important to these investors: the training and support you provide, brand differentiators, and the strength of your name brand, are just a few details that should be emphasized. Along these lines, we’ll also work with you to develop or strengthen your franchise disclosure document so that it provides prospective franchisees with all the information required on the investment. 

Not only do we aim to help our clients sell new franchises, but we can also help them develop a strong franchise resale program as well. A franchise resale program is a great benefit to you, as many prospective franchisees love the idea of investing in a location that’s already well-established with an existing customer base. Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help to get the word out to qualified investors in areas with franchises for sale. 

Whatever the unique needs of your brand, you’ll work side by side with a dedicated franchise consultant to identify areas that could be strengthened in order to appeal to your target investors. 

Getting the Message Out Effectively

If you have a great franchise offering but aren’t getting many leads, your message might not be getting out effectively. We can work with you to revamp content on your website and other marketing materials to be sure it catches and holds the attention of your prospective investors. We do this throughout search engine optimization, strategic web design, and developing materials like eBooks that provide relevant information. With our help, you can better catch the attention of qualified investors through inbound marketing. 

Local and International Expansion

Initiating a major push to expand your franchise brand is a big step, and it should be taken with care. Accurate Franchising, Inc. knows just what it takes to catch the attention of prospective investors in a target area – we can even help you analyze demographic data to determine which areas have the most potential for expansion. Along these lines, franchising internationally is a complex endeavor. Franchisors need to keep the laws and regulations of different countries in mind before they launch any campaigns. Accurate Franchising, Inc. has experience expanding franchise brands around the world, and we can help you navigate red tape with expertise. 

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