Extended Support Plan

Franchise Business Support When You Need It Most

Accurate Franchising, Inc. (AFI) has decades of experience running our own brand and helping to launch hundreds of others thanks to our industry-leading franchise business support – we’re uniquely positioned to help turn your business into a franchise and also expertly guide you through the critical first years. Did you know that almost 19% of businesses in the US fail within their first year, with another 31% failing in year two? This is where we can step in with knowledge and support to help you win during this essential and make-or-break time.

Running a franchise company is difficult, takes time, and requires a solid structure – our 2-year plan gives you access to the best minds in the franchise industry when you need it most to prevent costly mistakes before they happen.

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We have designed an Extended Support plan to help franchisors get what they need most in those vital first few years. With our ongoing support for franchises and education package, you’ll have an invaluable resource to help with all of your questions while you’re establishing your business plan. Rather than turning to a third-party source or outside consultant, we can also help with digital marketing strategies and advice to help your franchise grow faster. We use a private group to speed your time to help and give you an opportunity to bounce your questions off of established experts. We’ll also work with you to ensure you don’t experience payment spikes in either direction: as part of this extended plan, your required annual FDD payment will be spread out into monthly payments to help manage your cash flow.

Five Critical Business and
Growth Strategies for Our Clients

Our comprehensive business and growth strategies are broken into five comprehensive offerings to evaluate the state of your business and create strategies for improvement. AFI’s ongoing support for franchises encompasses:

Franchise Real Estate and Finance Support

Access to UFG Real Estate & Finance teams for assistance. Speak with our experts to decide your best course of action in some of the trickier sections of your business planning as it relates to your franchising goals.

Business plan review

Every year, we will review your business plan to nimbly anticipate and respond to change; we know it’s important to stay agile and redirect when necessary.

Competitive analysis

We will help with our digital marketing expertise and conduct a competitive analysis to see what keywords your competitors are buying and what strategies they are using online. We will also conduct a website review to give you unbiased advice on ways to improve and make sure best practices are being followed for maximum sales.

Digital marketing advice

We will also offer extra marketing efforts via FranchiseMart and eblasts to help generate additional leads to your primary sales and marketing plan to keep your brand name in front of potential buyers.

Access to VendorConnect:

We also open the curtain to UFG’s private collection of pre-vetted vendors so that you don’t have to search blindly online. These vendors have been selected because they are some of the best in their field, and, even better, UFG also demands favorable pricing for any vendors in our network. We use the power of our network to get the best deals possible.

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Exclusive Access to Our Franchise Consulting Events and Support

In addition to the ability to access the experts at both UFG and AFI, the Extended Support plan includes tickets to unlimited in-person AFI Mastermind events and all online education webinars. You also will get access to two UFG Sales Boot Camp events in which best practices for sales and marketing are covered in depth. These franchise business support events are exclusive and not available to the general public.

Exclusive Savings on Creative Services

AFI offers custom creative design and marketing services for things like brand identity guides, brochures, social media collateral, and more. Members of this plan receive 15% off any custom creative services designed by AFI, saving you the time and effort to search for and pay graphic designers or digital marketing agencies for the small but inevitable jobs that often come up. Our experts understand how to market franchise companies – this is a great way to bolster your relationships with us and get the most out of your investment.

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The Value of Our Ongoing Support for Franchises

We created the Extended Support plan to help your franchise succeed during the most critical time. During the first two years of your business, it is imperative that you build a solid foundation for success, and we will be here to answer your questions, provide guardrails around areas that can cause the most confusion, and help you avoid the common pitfalls that so many other companies just can’t avoid. Even better, this franchise business support program can be renewed for another two-year period if you so choose to ensure smooth support for the next phase of your journey into smooth sailing and growth.

You’re investing in your future with a franchise; why not also invest in our Extended Support program during the two years that are most critical to your success? For a low monthly fee of $595 per month, you’ll receive access to our proven strategies, ongoing support, and the tremendous value of the UFG network. This support includes:

  • FDD renewal
  • Business plan review
  • Access to events in person and online
  • UFG’s unparalleled network

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