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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, amid the warm beaches and sunny skies is Celebrity’s Soul Food: an exciting, growing restaurant chain that makes soul food with love to please the hungriest of customers. As Celebrity’s Soul Food looks to expand its business and continue growing its brand, we take a closer look at why they’re such a terrific option for potential franchisees.


Celebrity’s Soul Food isn’t just a name. Go to the company’s website and you’ll see some of the famous folks who have enjoyed their visit to Celebrity’s Soul Food, including Family Feud host Steve Harvey.

Standing out in the restaurant field is a hard-but-incredibly-important thing to do. The restaurant business in the United States is an $800 billion-a-year business, so finding a way to be seen can be hard. However Dr. Frederick Jacobs, CEO of Celebrity’s Soul Food, said that by never compromising on the important things, his restaurant has thrived.

“At Celebrity’s we roll out the ‘red carpet’ with quality and extraordinary customer service which creates a culture for our communities and families to have quiet prayers at the table again,” Dr. Jacobs said. “Inspiring hope, unity, and love through soul food at it’s finest.”

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Dr. Jacobs has proven to be adept at running a successful restaurant. Now he wants to turn Celebrity’s Soul Food into a successful franchise. Celebrity’s Soul Food will be launching its franchise prototype location in Tampa in September, 2018. From there the sky is seemingly limitless.

Dr. Jacobs said that he already has a list of people lining up to become franchisees. That has made for big dreams for Celebrity’s Soul Food. With a goal, and expectation, of opening 200 new franchises within the next two years, Celebrity’s is set to evolve smoothly into the world of franchising.

How does Dr. Jacobs do it? By maintaining high standards for the product his restaurant produces. That includes a proven brand product as well as maintaining consistent, high-level sales and service. Keeping things consistent and at a high level are keys for success in franchise development.

The brand also offers streamlined systems and an extensive support system to help all future franchisees hit the ground running and put them in the best position to succeed.

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The relationship between Accurate Franchising, Inc. and Celebrity’s Soul Food already has been a fruitful one. Celebrity’s can focus on delivering the best product possible, to as many people as possible, and AFI concentrates on helping Celebrity’s achieve all of its franchise development goals.

“Jason and his team have come alongside this venture and offered us expertise and experience that is paramount for any franchisor,” Dr. Jacobs praised. “We appreciate the depth of knowledge provided, this has made the journey worth it. It’s a blessings to be soaring with eagles!”

To learn more about Celebrity’s Soul Food and/or about a potential franchise investment, contact AFI today for more information.

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