Yellow Express

Founded in Australia with its American headquarters in sunny Miami, Florida, Yellow Express is a company built an on-demand delivery and moving services in South Florida and beyond. Yellow Express is looking to grow its footprint and provide quality moving services to those that need it. As Yellow Delivery works to expand its footprint, we take a closer look at why it is slowly becoming a terrific franchising option.

Standing Out From The Pack

There are a plethora of moving and delivery companies. From multi-national operations to smaller, local businesses, the moving and delivery industry is massive. Yellow Express stands out from all the other companies by being upfront with its pricing and only working with trained professionals.

Yellow Express has been providing moving and delivery solutions to the people of Australia since 1926. A brand with close ties to blue-collar, working-class people, Yellow Express specializes in smaller, more local moves. As it looks to grow its presence in the United States, Yellow Express plans to lean on its decades of experience to provide the services that Americans need.

Big Growth in Small Ways

One of the things that holds people back from running their own business is the idea that immense wealth is needed to get a business over the ground. That’s definitely not the case with Yellow Express. With a franchise fee of just $10,000, it is much easier than you think to start your own Yellow Express franchise.

By keeping initial costs down, Yellow Express hopes to grow quickly in the United States. With a projected goal of 100 new franchise locations in the next year alone, Yellow Express has done well to capitalize on the franchise model it has cultivated over the years.

Yellow Express utilizes proprietary technology, and a great mobile app, to help streamline the delivery process. The gives customers the experience they expect in an on-demand delivery business at a level they deserve.

Working with Accurate Franchising Inc

One of the benefits of working with Accurate Franchising Inc. is that Yellow Express can focus on growing its delivery business while allowing the team of franchising experts at AFI to work on growing the franchise end of the business.

The team at Yellow Express said that they are grateful to have worked with AFI in growing their franchising outfit in America. Thanks to AFI’s data-driven approach, and consistent and open lines of communication, the Yellow Express leadership team are satisfied with the relationship and are excited to grow together in the future.

To learn more about Yellow Express and franchise development with Accurate Franchising, Inc., reach out to us today.