If there’s one thing we know as the leading franchise development firm, it’s franchise marketing strategy. Accurate Franchising, Inc. features services that cover all aspects of your business, from attracting leads to creating business documents.

Our comprehensive approach means you’ll be able to confidently franchise your business or strengthen your existing franchise in all aspects.

Our Marketing Strategy

Any expert will tell you the key to growing your business is having a solid marketing strategy. We know that you have to generate leads to garner interest in your concept and sign new franchisees. Accurate Franchising, Inc. has been there, so we understand how important it is to find and sign quality leads.

Our proven lead generation process will assist your brand in generating, qualifying, and closing franchise sales leads in a cost-effective way. We’ve spent decades fine-tuning, tracking, measuring, and improving our process for generating franchise sales leads, and we can help you use it to accomplish your goals.

A key part of our marketing strategy is creating a customized plan. Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you highlight the best aspects of your business and showcase them to prospective franchisees. Some of the strategies we use include:

  • Updating websites
  • Utilizing paid ads
  • Improving and adding content
  • Monitoring metrics to improve on actual results
  • And more

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Part of our franchise marketing strategy includes personalized digital marketing campaigns. A great digital plan can have a large impact on your lead generation results compared to other forms of advertising. Some of the most used online franchise marketing tools include personas, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, video, and franchise websites. Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you create a program that works best to up your digital marketing game.

Stand Out from the Competition

Accurate Franchising, Inc. has spent over 35 years developing expert franchise consulting services. We have first-hand experience with franchising, giving us a better understanding of what franchisors need to be successful.

We’re experts in the industry of building, selling, and supporting franchise brands around the world. Since our parent company, United Franchise Group (UFG), began in 1986, we’ve grown to 11 franchise brands with 1,400 locations in over 80 countries. Accurate Franchising, Inc. employees spend their time and resources to ensure that all of our advice and services are relevant, productive, and cost effective.

However, not all businesses are suited to franchising. We make sure to complete a franchise feasibility consultation with potential clients. Not all firms do this, and so we show our clients that we’re trustworthy and here to help them succeed.

As industry experts, we offer our clients tried and true techniques. At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we look to the future and change our marketing strategy along with evolving markets.

Contact us today to learn more about how Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you determine if your business is franchise ready.