Making room for the next generation of leaders

How will your company’s management change as baby boomers continue to retire and are replaced by Gen X and millennial leaders? Here are suggestions to prepare your workplace for the new generations.

Women’s Positive Impact on the Franchising Industry

I’ve been in the franchise industry for several years, but I knew I had found a home when I attended my first World Expo with United Franchise Group (UFG) in 2021. This event, held once every three years, brings all UFG brands together in one place for networking and...

7 things to look for in a business partner

There are numerous benefits of going into business with a partner: increased skills and experience, more capital, greater borrowing options for financing, and potential income-splitting or pass-through tax advantages. It can be extremely rewarding.


Accurate Franchising consultants provide strategic planning, sales support/training, marketing, operations, legal, financing and real estate assistance – all designed to help business owners grow. To provide the personalized and time-intensive consultation required, Accurate Franchising currently limits the program to five clients at a time.