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Develop Your Franchise Structure to Help Your Owners Succeed

If only franchising were as easy as waving a magic wand and saying the magic words: “I am ready to expand my business with new franchise locations.” The bad news is it isn’t quite that easy. The good news is working with Accurate Franchising, Inc. makes it almost that easy. We are the experts in franchise development services, and we can help you set your brand up for success.

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Your Infrastructure

Key to franchise development is creating an infrastructure that your owners can use to succeed. Remember, your success as a franchisor comes from their success as franchisees, and the infrastructure of your franchise opportunity is the foundation on which they build. If you give them the tools for a strong business, they will be able to build one.

Building your infrastructure includes everything your franchisees need to run your business in their territory. Some of the infrastructure items include:

  • Registration and documentation to meet your state’s laws
  • Franchise agreement and/or other contracts
  • Franchise disclosure document
  • Operations manual
  • Brand policies and procedures
  • Determining territories and exclusivity
  • Franchise fees/royalties
  • Training and support

It’s All About the System

Put simply, your system is what makes you appealing to investors. Franchise development is key to franchising your business or strengthening your existing franchise, because this is the stage when you are creating the tools that your franchise owners will use to succeed. Things like your operations manual, training programs, and other support resources show your prospects that you are serious about helping them thrive.

The system is one of the biggest differences between company-owned growth and franchising. When you open company-owned locations, you may not need to develop the infrastructure, but you do get to deal with all the stress of financing everything on your own and remaining a hands-on owner of all locations.

Appeal to Investors

Potential investors are looking for a comparatively safe business opportunity. If they wanted to do everything on their own, they would start their own businesses from scratch. The system that you have to offer them is a major selling point, so it is important to get it right.

The bottom line is you want aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to be interested in your business. In the franchise development stage, we will help you create the system that is so appealing to would-be franchise owners. From there, we set your growth in motion with an expert sales and marketing strategy that finds you qualified buyers.

AFI’s franchise development services will help you get your ducks in a row so that you can show your prospects what they have to gain by joining your system. Next, we will help you as you train and support your franchisees so you can hold up your end of the bargain and help them succeed.

Get started with our expert franchise development services today to up the ante on your franchise opportunity. Fill out the form to get in touch!

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