How to Franchise My Business? Let the Experts Help

Once you have a successful business, the next step is to grow it into something bigger, thereby increasing your revenue streams. Growing your business can mean opening another location, but franchising a business is the best way to maximize your profits.

Businesses that have successfully gone through the process of franchising know that it takes a lot of work to adapt their proven system to make it repeatable and franchisable. The good news is that you do not need to go through that process on your own. Accurate Franchising Inc.'s experienced franchise development team helps you turn your successful business into a successful franchise.

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Franchise My Business

There is a lot more to starting a franchise than finding investors. Let our franchising experts help you with every facet of franchising a business.


First things first: Is your business a good candidate for a franchise? We analyze your business to find what makes it unique and what makes it work. From this analysis, we can develop a complete plan for franchising your business.


The paperwork involved in developing your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is key to registering your franchise. We assist you with the paperwork to ensure that you can sell your franchise everywhere.


Extensive sales training—including introductions, closing tips, trade show techniques, presentation preparation, and video production—can have a huge impact on your ability to attract investors.


Our advice on financing can help you optimize working capital, obtain equipment loans, and participate in leasing programs for you or your franchisees.


Brand building is key to starting a franchise. Our franchise marketing guidance helps you develop your brand and marketing strategies.


As a franchisor, your ability to help your franchisees with site selection, lease negotiations, permitting, and construction management can have a huge impact. Our team of franchise consultants can offer their expertise to help you develop that skill.


If your goal is international expansion, our expert team has the experience and the know-how to guide you.


Develop your operations, training, and support solutions, as well as your manuals, with the guidance of our franchise development team.

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Find Out If Your Business Is Right for Franchising

Accurate Franchising Inc. is in the business of building successful franchises, not simply accepting any client that wants to pay us. This is the key difference between the way we help our clients who are starting a franchise and how other franchise development companies operate.

The first thing we do is determine if starting a franchise is going to work for your business by answering some basic questions:

  • Does the business concept satisfy a basic consumer need or desire?
  • Can the business concept be replicated?
  • Will the business concept be profitable to the franchisee?
  • Will the franchise concept be profitable for the franchisor?
  • Is there enough ongoing support to keep the franchisee in the system?

Side-By-Side, We Help You Decide

AFI's expert advisors help you determine whether starting a franchise is a good choice for your business. Using our five point system, you and your franchise consultant will go through every facet of your business:

1. Branding
2. Financials
3. Systems
4. Industry
5. Credibility

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Time to Get Started

Starting a franchise is a lot of work, which is why the expert franchise consultants at AFI are there to help, every step of the way when it comes to "how to franchise my business".

You might be wondering how to franchise your business. Our proven processes make starting a franchise easy. Request more information to learn why Accurate Franchising Inc. is among the best franchise development companies in the world.

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