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Whether you’re running a home health franchise, healthcare franchise, or fitness franchise, Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you find more high-quality leads. We’ve been in the business for decades, and our company was founded by one of the biggest names in franchising, Ray Titus. We’ve helped many healthcare franchises to strengthen their offerings and bolster their brands. Here, learn how we can help your franchise do the same by:

  • Connecting your fitness or home health franchise with investors
  • Strengthening your franchise’ infrastructure
  • Creating a custom suite of services tailored to your needs
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Franchise Development Services for Today’s Healthcare and Fitness Franchises

It’s no secret that many fitness businesses and sectors of the health care industry have been hit hard by the global pandemic. That being said, many of these companies are optimistic that their businesses will bounce back soon, and others are doing just fine. Whether you’re already a healthcare or fitness franchisor or are looking to leverage your business model into a franchise, Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help tailor your model so that it has the greatest chance of success in our new business landscape.

Increasing Your Appeal to Investors: The key to expanding your franchise brand is to appeal to a wide range of qualified investors. We can help to increase your brand’s appeal by fine-tuning your franchise offering, ensuring that you can provide them with more than what your competitors have to offer.

Finding Your Target Investors: Many people still see real advantages to opening new businesses, even during an uncertain economy. Now is the time to identify your franchise model’s strengths and spread the word about them to your target investors. Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you get the right message out to this key group.

Strengthening Your Healthcare Franchise’ Infrastructure: There are many benefits to tightening up your company’s infrastructure, whether you’re a well-established franchisor or are just starting out. Keeping systems efficient, from your franchise disclosure document to your brand policies and procedures, can help you save a significant amount of time and/or money, while making things simpler for your franchisees. Accurate Franchising, Inc. can review your infrastructure with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible.

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Custom Services for Your Franchise

Accurate Franchising, Inc. doesn’t provide the same boilerplate services to every customer. On the contrary, we know that every franchise is unique, and will need individual attention and keen strategizing from our team.

For new or prospective franchisors, we’ll start by having you take part in our franchise feasibility study to assess your readiness to franchise. This will help us to develop a strong starting point, and an understanding of what you’ve already accomplished. For experienced franchisors, we’ll get to know your franchise system inside and out to develop a plan of action.

We’ll help you select the services that will have the greatest impact on your franchise and will dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Ready to learn more about our experience with healthcare franchises? Contact us today to see how our expertise would benefit your franchise system.



Accurate Franchising consultants provide strategic planning, sales support/training, marketing, operations, legal, financing and real estate assistance – all designed to help business owners grow. To provide the personalized and time-intensive consultation required, Accurate Franchising currently limits the program to five clients at a time.

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