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We Are the Expert Franchise Consultants. What Can We Do for You?

New clients are always asking us, “What is a franchise consultant?” The main job of a franchise business consultant is to guide and assist you as you build your business through franchising. Whether you are just starting out and trying to sell your first franchise or you are ready to improve your existing franchise growth strategy to sell even more locations.

What We Do

So, what is a franchise consultant and why do you need one? It’s simple: A franchise consultant is an expert in the franchising industry with connections and resources to help you grow your franchise business. Essentially, a franchise consultant is like any business consultant, except with an unrivaled expertise in franchises. At AFI, our franchise consultants know franchising inside and out, so they will be instrumental in your brand’s growth.

New to Franchising?

If you run a successful independent business and you’re trying to decide how to maximize your growth and take the next step, it is time to consider franchising.

It is as important to us as it is to you that your franchise endeavors succeed. Because of that, we take the time to help you determine if your business is fit for franchising with our franchise feasibility study. We won’t work with just any business – we don’t want you to waste your time or money on our services if franchise growth simply isn’t going to work for your business, which is why we do the feasibility study first.

From there, our franchise consultants walk you through every step of the franchising process. From building your infrastructure to generating sales leads to writing the franchise disclosure document , an expert franchise consultant will show you the ropes to guide you and your brand through this process.

Ready to Improve Your Franchise Brand?

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Running a successful franchise company on your own is no easy feat. Whether you have just one franchisee or 100, you and your franchise owners can benefit from our experience.

Let Accurate Franchising, Inc. help you meet and exceed your brand’s goals by strengthening your lead generation and marketing strategies, improving your sales tactics, and guiding you through the newest franchise development strategies. Our Franchise representatives have many years of experience in the franchise space, providing insight to business owners on how to expand their business with maximum efficiency!
Looking into international franchising? Our franchise representatives can help with that too!

We can also use our considerable resources to support you in supporting your franchise owners. Franchisees are interested in investing in brands with great support networks, so it is critical that you give investors what they are looking for or they will go elsewhere. Our franchise consultants stay on the cusp of the industry, so they can advise you on the resources that make the biggest difference with potential franchise owners. Then, your franchise consultant will help you perfect these resources.

Accurate Franchising, Inc.’s Expertise

Put simply, there is no franchise consulting agency with as much experience or knowledge as Accurate Franchising, Inc. We are the only company in the industry that owns and manages our own franchise brands. This firsthand experience marketing, generating leads, supporting owners, and more set us apart in the industry.

So, when you’re asking yourself, “What is a franchise consultant?” the answer is AFI.

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Accurate Franchising consultants provide strategic planning, sales support/training, marketing, operations, legal, financing and real estate assistance – all designed to help business owners grow. To provide the personalized and time-intensive consultation required, Accurate Franchising currently limits the program to five clients at a time.