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There are currently food trucks for sale across the U.S. because of their surging popularity. It’s not uncommon to see numerous food trucks set up shop together, creating outdoor food courts. Other times, their operators drive them throughout the city, setting up shop at different times of the day to attract the most customers. While their business models are all different, they’ve become a lucrative business because they allow owners to tap into the restaurant industry without needing to invest in long-term real estate.

Whether you already own a food truck or are looking into buying one, franchising is a great way to take your investment even further. Here, learn more about how Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you break into the food truck franchise business.

Working in the Food Truck Industry

Why Choose a Food Truck Franchise?

Food trucks are part of a $1 billion industry which grew 7.5% from 2015-2020. As the economy begins to reopen in the wake of COVID-19, we anticipate that the demand for food trucks will continue to grow. In addition to the reasons we listed above, there are lots of other great benefits to operating a food truck business:

  • Scalable growth is simpler to achieve – investing in additional trucks to capture revenue streams in different neighborhoods is far less costly than opening new restaurants.
  • Switching up your menu is easy.
  • If business starts to lag in one area, you can readily restructure your routine to spend more time in busier areas.

These are all benefits to owning a food truck, but if you’re thinking of investing in more than one, franchising can take you even further. Under a franchise system, you can take your successful business model and offer food trucks for sale across the U.S. You’ll unlock recurring revenue without having to invest in new vehicles or equipment yourself!

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How Accurate Franchising, Inc. Can Help

Countless entrepreneurs out there would love to start a business on their own but don’t know how to begin. That’s why they choose to franchise! Your business model has proven to work, so by franchising, you’re giving them the guidance and support they need to get started in exchange for a one-time franchise fee and ongoing royalty payments. Because they’ve invested capital into the business, they’ll be highly motivated to see it succeed – a win/win for everyone!

We’ll help convert your food truck business into a food truck franchise by walking you through each of the steps. We’ll help you develop the right resources to operate as a reliable franchisor, connect you with prospective franchisees, and stay on the right track to meet your growth goals. Wherever you are in the franchising process, we’ll come up with a unique plan to meet your needs!

Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to convert your food truck business into a food truck franchise.



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