Franchise Opportunity Chicago

The Windy City is thriving and full of promise. Franchise your business in Chicago to grow your brand in a fast-paced city with economic diversity.

If you run a successful business, the natural next step is to grow with additional locations. Franchise your business to make that growth simpler, faster, and easier on your pocketbook.

Accurate Franchising, Inc. recommends franchising in Chicago, where a diverse economy and exciting lifestyle will be great benefits to your franchise opportunity.


The city of Chicago is divided into 77 distinct communities, where residents and tourists alike can always find something to do. In fact, Chicago is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. – in 2017 alone 55 million people travelled to Chi-Town. Bring your franchise opportunity to Chicago to take advantage of tourist dollars.

With famous landmarks including Millennium Park, the Magnificent Mile, and the Sears Tower (just to name a few), Chicago has a lot to see and do. On top of it all, there are professional teams in every major league sport in the United States. All this is made even better when you consider that Chicago has been ranked one of the most walkable cities in America, which is great news for businesses in many industries.

Grant Park
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza


Chicago is famous for many things – a river dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day, the El, and the Cubs finally getting a World Series victory in 2016 – but food lovers rejoice in Chicago. From deep dish, Chicago-style pizza to the Chicago hot dog, the city is home to some delicious and iconic eats. But if you run a restaurant, you will have a good time when you franchise your business in Chicago, where cuisine of all kinds thrives.


Chicago is an economic powerhouse as the third-largest metropolitan economy in the country. Even more significant for your franchise opportunity, the city’s economy is one of the most diverse and balanced in the entire world. You can franchise your business in a city that is an important center for finance, aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, publishing, healthcare, and so many more sectors. Huge corporations and small mom and pops thrive in Chicago.
With everything Chicago has going on, it is easy to see why locating a franchise there can be a home run. Here to help your business navigate the process of expanding through franchising is Accurate Franchising, Inc. We have decades of experience in turning independent businesses into franchise successes, so trust us to put you on the right path.


With our expert teams and up-to-date strategies, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has 3 steps to helping our clients take their businesses to the next level.

Business Assessment
Step One: Determine if your business is a good fit for franchise expansion.
Franchise Development
Step Two: Create a franchise plan to ensure you have the proper certifications and procedures in place.
Franchise Sales and Support
Step Three: Develop sales and marketing strategies to attract people to your business.
AFI owns and manages our own franchise brands, so we have firsthand knowledge on what works well for franchise growth. Let us put our expertise to good use by helping you grow your business!