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Are you a U.S. based franchise company looking to expand internationally? Are you an international brand looking to enter the U.S marketplace but aren’t sure where to start? Either way, Accurate Franchising, Inc. can help you accomplish those goals! We have been franchising for over 30 years and have helped brands enter over 80 countries worldwide through master licensing. Accurate Franchising, Inc. has strategic partnerships all over the globe and has the boots on the ground to be able to find master license franchisees for your brand. We even have the ability to exhibit and offer your brand at over 30 franchise tradeshows worldwide!


Are you based outside the U.S. and interested in bringing international brands to your country? Accurate Franchising, Inc. is looking for more strategic partners who have franchise experience and want to help us expand brands all throughout the world!

We’ve worked with franchisors, and master licensees in places like:

  • The United States
  • The U.K.
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • France
  • United Arab Emirates


United States


United Kingdon





Worldwide Franchise Development Services

At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we understand just how important franchise development is, especially when expanding into other countries worldwide. Every country is different when it comes to their customs, traditions, and franchise laws, and we have the expertise and knowledge to navigate all of these considerations. Having our team of franchise experts on your side can greatly simplify processes like:

  • Creating or adapting a franchise disclosure document that meets the legal requirements of the country you’re expanding into
  • Doing demographic research into local populations to learn more about popular products and services in new places
  • Connecting franchisors with franchisees in different countries

The Benefits of Master Licensing

Are you interested in bringing a foreign franchise brand to your country? Are you looking for investors in foreign countries to help expand your brand? Whichever side of this scenario you’re on, master licensing is the solution.

A “master license” grants an investor the exclusive rights to franchise in a large area such as a country or entire region. That investor can then decide whether they’d like to open franchises on their own or sell them to franchisees in their own country (oftentimes they choose to do both). This greatly simplifies things for a franchisor, as they can largely deal with a single master licensee in a foreign country rather than multitudes of individual franchisees. Master licensees enjoy numerous benefits that come along with being able to franchise a brand without needing to put in as much legwork as the franchisor.

Accurate Franchising, Inc. knows all about how to find qualified master licensees and connect them with franchisors who are looking to expand internationally. We recognize that every franchisor will have unique criteria for the investors they entrust with this great responsibility, and we take their needs into account in order to make the perfect match.

These are just a few of the ways that Accurate Franchising, Inc. facilitates the expansion of franchises on a global scale. Ready to learn what we can do for your brand? Contact us today!

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