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August 17, 2016


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Jennifer House

Window Wear

When I reached out to Accurate Franchising I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to franchise or do a business opportunity. After talking to you, it’s very clear that I want to do the franchising and I think it long term will be much more lucrative and a much better opportunity for the franchisees prospects.

Jim Muir


Skeptical about franchising – he was a car salesman and never owned a franchise – Jim Muir did his homework before he agreed to partner up with Accurate Franchising at United Franchise Group to franchise Experimax. Today, he says he’s enjoying the last laugh because it was a downturned economy that helped him realize his future was in franchising a business that is now popping up worldwide.

Celebrity's Soul Food

In today's marketplace, franchise opportunities abound. However, careful discernment shows that not all franchises are created equal. Our always fresh, authentic, classy atmosphere sets us apart from the competition, and our partnership with the United Franchise Group and N3 Real Estate ensures that our franchisee support is second to none. If you are looking for a way to establish yourself as a restaurateur with the guidance of experts there is no better opportunity than partnering with Celebrity's Soul Food Management Co. LLC

"I have had the pleasure of working with the Accurate Franchising, Inc. team for four years in several different capacities at The United Franchise Group. In short, the team is extremely bright, energetic, and brings a fresh approach to getting work done. I have seen first-hand the consultation and problem solving they have offered to their clients to enable them to scale and grow quickly. I am amazed at their ability to keep pace with a substantial workload while handling everything in an exemplary manner.”

Stephen Galligan

CEO at Integrated Digital Strategies

"Since I started working with United Franchise Group (UFG) and Accurate Franchising Inc (AFI) in 2010, Transworld Business Advisors has exploded across the world. We have over 100 offices in the USA and now in several countries. There is no doubt, my company could never have achieved those results without the expertise and amazing work by UFG/AFI. Franchising my business was a goal of mine, but after looking into the process, we decided not to move forward. Until I met the folks at UFG and saw firsthand their capabilities at their West Palm Beach headquarters. I was sold and thankfully made the decision to partner with them. If you intend to franchise your business or need to expand your current franchise. Look no further than the professionals at AFI and UFG."

Andrew Cagnetta

Founder of Transworld Business Advisors

"It is truly a pleasure working with the AFI team. In every interaction we’ve had, they are consistently professional, responsive, and helpful. Further, their knowledge and understanding of franchise development is incredibly impressive. Can’t recommend them enough! July 21, 2016, Andrea was a consultant or contractor to the AFI team at United Franchise Group. "

Andrea Thieman

Customer Success Manager at Metric Collective

"Accurate Franchising has been fantastic and an integral part in bringing our franchise to life. The support and attention to detail was incredible and we couldn't have asked for a better team to work with."

Black Tie Moving

"Accurate Franchising, Inc.’s team is very professional…great service. They have been very patient with me to help me have the final say and guiding me through the process of doing the right things. A very trusted team and they do what they say they will do."

Orozco's Auto Service

“The AFI team has come alongside this venture and offered us expertise and experience that is paramount for any franchisor,” Dr. Jacobs praised. “We appreciate the depth of knowledge provided, this has made the journey worth it. It's a blessing to be soaring with eagles!”

Celebrity’s Soul Food

​"The AFI team has been very helpful. It is as though they have known us and our concept for years and have described our concept in the franchisor plan in great detail. They have answered all of our questions even if they were out of their scope. We appreciate their service and guidance!"


"We are new private equity backed high investment level franchise company. We initially struggled with franchise development until we did a deal with Accurate Franchising. Accurate Franchising has significantly increased our number of qualified leads, the number of discovery days, deposits and deals in the pipeline while significantly reducing our cost per lead. The Accurate Franchising team has a tremendous amount of experience. They are also very responsive and represent one of the best decisions I have made as CEO since I took over 2 years ago."

Jim Lewis

Chief Executive Officer
Marilyn Monroe Spas

"I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the AFI team since early 2015. We worked hand-in-hand on building a robust franchise development digital marketing program for all UFG brands as well as “AFI” – the franchise consulting arm to UFG. The AFI team has a vast understanding on how to maximize franchise lead generation and building efficiencies & measurability better than any client I’ve ever worked with. Not to mention, they are always looking at ways to gain an edge in this very competitive industry. Needless to say, AFI is a winner in every sense of the word. My organization has the utmost respect and admiration for them and everything they are about. June 14, 2016, Joseph A. was a consultant or contractor to the AFI team at United Franchise Group."

Joseph A. Mohay

Chief Digital Officer | Franchise Development Digital Marketing

"Having worked with hundreds of franchise development professionals across the industry, I am confident that there are few others at the AFI team’s level. Their understanding of what it takes to be successful and most importantly their commitment to executing on that plan is unrivaled. As technology continues to influence the franchising community, there may be no group better positioned for the future. Anyone with the chance to work with them is truly lucky!"

Eli Robinson

COO at Metric Collective

"Our experience with Accurate Franchising has been above and beyond! They have been supportive each step of the way. Each team member we’ve worked with has been patient, kind, and knowledgeable in every aspect of the necessary franchising business plan and FDD. They’ve made it comfortable and easy to address any concerns. They are quick to respond through email and phone calls. I never felt intimated or alone in this development. I am very appreciative of the detailed and efficient work they have contributed in completing our goals. Thank you, Accurate!!"

Sit Still Salon & Shoppe

"They have handled this project very professionally and the end result has been to the level that I had hoped it would be. I have detailed each and every document they have generated and have made changes necessary (very few I must admit) and the end product is one that I feel will help our Franchise model excel. What they have prepared is so complete that we have printed and used an operations manual for each of the two locations we are opening and have had it serve as our road map to ensure that we cover all the bases in our remodel and opening of the units. This will also allow us to test the product so that we can guide our future franchisees to success. I recommend highly the team at Accurate Franchising."

Frank R. Sariol

Toby's Latin Grill

"The AFI team was a great support for Mobility Plus from the beginning. Their industry knowledge and consultation moved our company forward when we needed assistance. I, Rich Peter, as the owner of Mobility Plus would encourage any emerging franchise such as ours or developed franchise to reach out to the AFI team. They offer affordable, unbiased and flexible consultation services which could provide a strategy for growth and success. I was thankful, even though they represent multiple successful brands Accurate Franchising still worked with us knowing we were at the beginning stages of our franchise journey."

Rich Peter

Mobility Plus

"Accurate Franchising's depth of knowledge and real-life experience was invaluable to our growing franchise. In the world of franchising, I haven't found anyone or any group that has more insights than the folks at Accurate Franchising. I would highly recommend them and their team to any new franchise system looking for a sounding board or direction."

Town Poste Network, Inc.

"Meeting and engaging with the AFI team has been one the best decisions we made in developing our franchise sales program. Their years of experience have given us the knowledge we needed to quickly ramp up sales and to eliminate the many mistakes most franchisors tend to make. The AFI team had us set up quickly and continue to provide in depth training and support. Any question we had or continue to have is responded to immediately. It is a great sense of confidence to know that a seasoned sales coach is only a click or call away. We have found Accurate Franchising to be extremely cost effective compared to trying to hire and develop our own sales team."

John L Dellafiora

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise LLC (owner)

"By 2012, my business was doing exceptionally well, but knowing that I needed to expand with additional locations in order to bring it to the next level, I needed help. How could I ever get substantial growth like that doing it all on my own? I had no idea where or how to get the capital resources and expertise that I would need to expand, and the idea of franchising terrified me. I am so thankful that my pastor introduced me to Ray Titus when he did. Ray told me all about United Franchise Group and the 30 years of experience that they had in the franchising world. Their expertise and attention to detail was apparent from day one, and thus began our partnership. I didn’t have to hire my own franchising staff or create documents and procedures from scratch. Financially, it was a LOT easier than doing it on my own would have been! I’m not saying I didn’t have to work hard, but the AFI team at UFG definitely made it all possible. We have sold 120 franchises in less than 2 years!"

Jim Muir

Founder of Experimax

"Two words, GAME CHANGER. I have worked alongside the AFI team in several capacities over the last few years. They have the ability to advance any sales and marketing program by advancing the team’s use of cutting-edge tech solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. Not only have I seen the team affect the bottom-line results across the board, but they are also excellent teachers who freely share their knowledge to the benefit of all.”

Joe Malmuth

VP of Sales with AFI

“Working with Accurate Franchising has been an incredible process. From Day One, they have provided us with the necessary guidance for what it takes to be a successful franchise. Given their experience and professionalism, we have no doubt we partnered with the right company. This is only the beginning and (we) cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us. Thank you once again to Accurate Franchising. Without your expertise I do not believe we would have made it this far, this fast!”

Malibu Pool

“Accurate Franchising has been extremely valuable during our initial consultation to us opening our doors,” My Choice Hair’s Aja Cass praised. “They walk you through the process step by step to ensure you have a clear understanding. Even after, they are no more than a call or email away from answering any and all questions that come up.”

My Choice Hair

"I was referred by Dustin Black at Black Tie Moving. Dustin told me a had to use Accurate Franchising. He was totally right! The experience has been excellent, inspiring and extremely professional. My Mom always said, " Hang out with people you want to be like!" Accurate Franchising is a group I'd like to hang
out with often."

A Moment's Peace

"Accurate Franchising knows how to take a business and, step-by-step, build it. They are a "one-stop shop" with experts in each area who walk you through the entire process. The thing we like best about Accurate is that each of the professionals assigned to your team are at the absolute top of their individual areas of expertise, and each takes the time to fully explain their component of the process and answer all questions in language you can100% understand. They are accessible, professional and know franchising inside and out. We would highly recommend Accurate Franchising."

Casa De Spin Art Parlor

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