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Strengthening Your

QSR Franchise Development Strategy

The quick-service restaurant industry has always been incredibly popular with investors who are interested in franchising, and that interest doesn’t appear to be diminishing anytime soon. Even considering the effects of the pandemic, people can still order food from their favorite restaurants digitally, and drive-thrus are open for anyone looking to grab a quick bite on the go. Fast-casual operators did take a hit from the pandemic, but as society continues to reopen, the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry has adapted appropriately to the limitations that have been put in place.

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Before the pandemic, opening a QSR franchise seemed like a no-brainer. Demand was at an all-time high as QSR consumers were spending $279 billion going into 2020. Today, if you’re looking to grow your QSR franchise, it’s more important than ever to invest in franchise development that will prepare your business once demand picks back up. Our team at Accurate Franchising can help by:

  • Strengthening your franchise development system
  • Connecting your team with qualified investors
  • Expanding your reach into untapped markets

Our Franchise Development Strategies for the Quick-Service Restaurant Industry

At Accurate Franchising, Inc., our team has accumulated decades of experience working with franchises across a multitude of industries. We know what franchise candidates are looking for in their next partnership, so we want to help you bolster your franchise development strategy and generate quality leads to expand your reach.

Real Estate Assistance: Choosing the right location for a franchise territory is crucial, and not every franchisee has a background in real estate to help them understand the process. Often it’s the franchisor’s responsibility to do a lot of the work, but our QSR franchise development team at Accurate Franchising, Inc. can provide support. Our team will work closely with your owners to help them with the following processes:

  • Tenant representation
  • Site development selection
  • Lease negotiations
  • Construction management
  • Finance consultation
  • Market research

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CRM Software and Support: Is the organization and fulfillment of tasks a burdensome issue for your business? Accurate Franchising, Inc. can step in and make your life a lot easier. A messy CRM says a lot about a company, and it could be enough to make an interested franchise candidate hesitant to commit. Over our past three decades of franchise experience, technology has certainly evolved. Thanks to our CRM software, we now have an easier way for our clients to streamline, automate, and track their daily tasks. If you want to become a larger franchisor, this software will help you keep everything tidy in-house, so you can focus on your big picture goals.

Lead Generation: Bringing you qualified and excited candidates is a big part of how we can help you grow into  untapped markets. In a year’s time, our team can generate anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 franchise leads. How are we able to do that? We’ve spent years fine-tuning our processes — we understand that to meet your quarterly goals, customizing our approach to fit your brand is essential. Franchising in the quick-service restaurant industry has been incredibly popular for years, and we’ve worked with countless brands like yours to help them generate qualified leads for their emerging QSR franchises. 

From frozen yogurt to vegetarian QSR franchises, our team at Accurate Franchising, Inc. has worked with them all! If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to call us today.



Accurate Franchising consultants provide strategic planning, sales support/training, marketing, operations, legal, financing and real estate assistance – all designed to help business owners grow. To provide the personalized and time-intensive consultation required, Accurate Franchising currently limits the program to five clients at a time.