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A Question That Business Owners Often Ask

The answer to “How much does franchising cost?” is typically less than most business owners think. In fact, the cost of turning your business into a franchise is nearly always less than the cost of opening an additional corporate location.

“How much does franchising cost?” is the first question most business owners have when considering franchising their business. Just like starting your business, franchising is an investment that involves some level of risk, but the reward is often worth it. At Accurate Franchising, we have created a complete solution that allows you to complete the franchising process for about a third of what the traditional cost would be.

The first thing we typically do with our clients is come up with a simple franchise profitability pro forma to show the pros and cons of franchising vs. growing corporately. To set up a 100% risk-free no-obligation consultation, click below to complete our quick franchise feasibility questionnaire.

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We have 100+ employees already on staff — and we actually own and operate franchises — allowing us to provide these services at a fraction of the cost of attempting to do this process on your own. In addition, our first hand experience with franchising our own businesses equips us to help our clients build successful franchises. After all, would you take swimming lessons from someone who couldn’t swim? We didn’t think so.

To build a successful franchise growth strategy, your company needs to work with franchise advisors who have proven their success. Accurate Franchising has accomplished what you’re looking to do — building successful franchise brands — so we have the tools and the know-how to help you get there. We have found that there are many franchise advising companies that had success five to ten years ago in franchising, but are still using outdated methods, processes, and procedures. At Accurate Franchising, we sell over 300 franchises a year by keeping our sales methods on the cutting edge. The franchise industry is different than it used to be, so choose a company that is willing to change with the times.

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