Casa De Spin Art Parlor

Accurate Franchising, Inc. loves working with brands that bring new concepts to the table, and Case de Spin is one of them. Bringing a completely new concept to the arts and entertainment industry, Casa de Spin is making headway all across New York with their art parlor franchises.


What started as a simple idea turned into a profitable franchise brand all over New York. Casa de Spin Art Parlor is based out of Merrick, New York, as a unique SpinArt experience that both adults and kids enjoy. After working with a franchise consultant at Accurate Franchising, Inc., they are optimistic to have tremendous growth of four to six franchises by the end of their first year, bringing this unique experience to people all over New York and beyond.


Casa de Spin is the only art studio that focuses on SpinArt. With a parlor dedicated to SpinArt, anyone and everyone can create beautiful art pieces without the complexity or skills of being a professional artist. Through events, parties, and classes, Casa de Spin offers services to all different people with different levels of expertise. SpinArt is a fun experience that creates paintings that people will enjoy and want to come back to create more.

Casa de Spin Art Parlor


At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we mean business. And by that we mean helping businesses grow through franchising. Casa de Spin’s is just one of the many stories we have about helping brands grow and establish themselves. Casa De Spin writes:

“Accurate Franchising knows how to take a business and, step-by-step, build it. They are a ‘one-stop shop’ with experts in each area who walk you through the entire process. The thing we like best about Accurate is that each of the professionals assigned to your team are at the absolute top of their individual areas of expertise, and each takes the time to fully explain their component of the process and answer all questions in language you can 100% understand. They are accessible, professional and know franchising inside and out. We would highly recommend Accurate Franchising.”

If you are interested in learning about Casa de Spin and the success they have had, contact AFI today.

Casa de Spin Art Parlor