The world has never been as interconnected as it is today. Planes cross the globe in hours. People move by the million. Information can go from New York to Yerevan to Tokyo in less than a second.
That’s why Globbing has been able to find success. The fledgling Armenian-American company has carved out a spot in the marketplace by streamlining the online shopping process for the customer. Globbing’s goal is to make shopping and buying from international retailers affordable, secure, and fast.


In Today’s Marketplace, Especially In The Digital Realm, If You’re Not Growing You’re Falling Behind. Globbing Has Achieved Constant Growth By Flipping The Script When It Comes To Online-Shopping. What Globbing Does Is Keep Prices Down By Doing The Shopping For You. Globbing’s Goal Is To Streamline The Shopping Process From Start To Finish.

“We Believe That No Matter Where They Live, People Must Have An Opportunity To Take Advantage Of The Best Opportunities That Today’s Shopping World Offers,” Globbing’s Mission Statement Says. “Globbing Aims To Create A New Shopping Culture That Will Not Recognize Obstacles, Boundaries And Limits And Will Give People Freedom To Shop On Their Own Terms.”


As the company’s mission states, Globbing wants to create a new shopping culture. But how do you do that? How do you change decades of shopping habits across millions of people? It’s easier than you think, because Globbing does the shopping for you.

It’s an incredibly simple process to get Globbing doing the shopping for you. Let’s say you want a new leather jacket. Simply post the link from the retailer’s website into Globbing and they’ll do the rest. Globbing will take the money from your Globbing account, buy the product, repackage it into a smaller container to help you save on international shipping, and then ship it to your home.

Globbing: Changing the Way We Shop
Globbing: Changing the Way We Shop
It’s so simple because you can forget about your order. Globbing keeps you in the loop when it comes to tracking your order, and, since you can register your address to the website, can get your purchase to your front step as quickly as possible.

As Globbing expands its relationship with retailers, it continues to grow around the world. With facilities in the United States and Armenia, Globbing is looking to add more facilities in Nigeria and Ecuador.


Accurate Franchising Inc. has sued its expertise in the franchising field to help Globbing grow its brand as it enters the franchise field. AFI has more than three decades of experience and proven success in the franchising field to help get small franchisors off the ground and on the road to success.

Globbing has said that working with AFI has been nothing but beneficial. Growing from a small company doing the majority of its business in Armenia to an international brand has been made much smoother after utilizing the tools provided to them by AFI.

Globbing: Changing the Way We Shop

To learn more about franchising with Globbing, contact Accurate Franchising, Inc. today for more information.