At Accurate Franchising, Inc., we’re in the business of turning successful businesses into franchises. For the past 35 years, our expert consultation and strategy have helped hundreds of clients maximize their profits and successfully transition into the world of franchising. As such, we’re a go-to organization for clients looking to begin that expansion and have loads of success stories on our resume.

One of those clients is Green Leaf Massage and Sports Recovery. Based in Denver, Green Leaf recently underwent franchise expansion, opening new locations across Colorado.


Green Leaf Massage And Sports Recovery Offers Services In The Massage Therapy And Sports Recovery Fields. More Specifically, They Offer A Unique Approach To Wellness — One That Honors Individuals From Their Head To Their Feet.

Green Leaf Massage and Sports Recovery
The franchise’s two pillars are dedicated to helping maintain an individual’s natural balance. Through massage therapy, Green Leaf aims to help customers relax, recover, and relieve stress and anxiety so they leave feeling renewed.
This mission also extends to their sports recovery offerings, which aim to alleviate pain, hasten recovery, and help prevent injury altogether.

Through these services, the franchise is committed to the holistic well-being of its customers and empowers individuals to live healthily, comfortably, and gracefully.


While Green Leaf does specialize in therapy and recovery services for athletes and those in need, that doesn’t mean they exclusively treat patients in those demographics. Rather, the franchise has something for everybody — from 9-year-olds to 90-year-olds.

Services provided by Green Leaf include professional therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, sports recovery massage and deep tissue massage therapy.

Through these services, massage therapists help melt away stress, relieve anxiety, speed up recovery, enhance posture, and improve physical training. They also can help alleviate various conditions such as chronic pain, carpal tunnel, and headaches.

But Green Leaf doesn’t stop at family-friendly massage services. They encourage clients to visit as often as they’d like, which also means that their massage services can act as a luxury or self-care service as well as a necessary therapeutic one. That’s why they offer packages to their clients instead of forcing them to sign a contract, allowing clients to receive personalized services that fit their needs.

massage service at Green Leaf Massage and Sports Recovery
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When Green Leaf Massage became one of Accurate Franchising’s clients, they were looking to quickly expand through franchising. Within six months of their initial consultation, the brand had opened five new locations based in Colorado and has six open locations in total: Arvada, Brighton, Broomfield, Golden, Lafayette, and Loveland.

Green Leaf Massage’s repeatable business model is a great one for both clients and potential franchisees alike. For example, all massage packages are available at every location, which means that Green Leaf allows customers to enjoy the benefit of visiting any location while using the same massage package. It’s this convenience that serves as a microcosm of what they do best: put the customer and their franchisees first.

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Green Leaf offers a unique approach to wellness that hits on current industry trends. Our space is projected to continue thriving while the economy enjoys a post-recession boost in self-care and leisurely wellness spending.

But as mentioned above, it’s their commitment to their individual community of customers and franchisees that sets them above the competition. Maintaining the natural balance of each client and meeting their individual needs is a key value of the franchise.

On the business side, Green Leaf’s mission is to cultivate success and to provide unrivaled support and training for each Green Leaf franchisee, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and standards. In addition to training and support services for franchisees, their business model is structured for a franchisee to have a comfortable lifestyle with an abundance of time and money.

Whether it’s on the client-facing on business-facing side of things, Green Leaf Massage and Sports Recovery has set out to allow people to live their lives comfortably and to the fullest.

If you’re interested in joining them on that mission, feel free to get in touch with us today.