Accurate Franchising, Inc. has a long history of working with strong brands to expand with strong franchises. Not only do we have 35 years of experience in franchise development, but we are equally dedicated to staying up to date on franchise trends to help our clients grow and stay relevant. Because of our multi-faceted approach to growing our clients’ businesses, and our history of successes, we are a top agency for clients looking to expand through franchising.

We are excited about one of our most unique clients, HoochiCoochi Wax Studio. This fun and daring body waxing studio, based in Florida, is expanding past its two existing locations to open new franchises in territories around the country.


HoochiCoochi Wax Studio Has A Simple Mission: To Provide Excellent Service, Immaculate Waxing, And A Relaxing Atmosphere To Their Guests. By Catering To The Hair Removal Needs Of Both Men And Women, HoochiCoochi Has Carved Out A Unique Space In The Salon And Spa Industry.

One Of The Greatest Priorities Of HoochiCoochi’s Hair Removal Experts—Who Affectionately Call Themselves Hoochi Mamas And Have An Average Of 10 Years’ Experience In Waxing—Is To Follow The Strictest Rules Of Hygiene To Protect Each Guest Who Visits For A Wax. Hoochi Mamas Never Double Dip To Keep Facilities Clean And Safe.

HoochiCoochi Wax Studio


While the majority of salons and spas cater primarily to women, HoochiCoochi serves nearly as many men as they do women. Personal hygiene is important to a high number of people, regardless of gender, which has contributed greatly to HoochiCoochi’s success.

The primary service that HoochiCoochi’s waxing pros provide to their clients is the Brazilian/Boyzilian. By using high quality pre- and post-wax products in addition to the best European blue hard wax, HoochiCoochi ensures an almost painless Brazilian wax.

a man and a woman on the beach
HoochiCoochi Wax Studio
Other popular services include:

  • Leave the Tulips
  • Outside the Box
  • Sac and Crack

Perhaps the thing that HoochiCoochi clients love the most is that it is always Happy Hour when you visit the waxing studio. Each client is served a glass of red or white wine so that they can enjoy “Sips between Rips,” a HoochiCoochi exclusive. Nothing dulls the pain of a wax like a glass of wine, and guests are free to bring their wine into the waxing room for a glamorous beauty experience.

In the name of catering to everyone, HoochiCoochi does not just do Brazilian waxing. They specialize in all kinds of body waxing, covering everything from backs to faces to underarms. Using the highest quality hard and soft waxes, depending on the area that they are waxing, the Hoochi Mamas remove unwanted hair with as little discomfort as possible.


Why does HoochiCoochi make such a promising franchise opportunity? For one thing, the risqué name immediately catches the attention of potential customers and passersby, setting this brand apart in a sea of waxing studios. HoochiCoochi is not shy about the services they provide, and that has great appeal to their clientele. Additionally, both locations offer Brazilian Wax Parties where groups can come to enjoy wine and get a Brazilian with their friends.

This bold approach is working for the brand. HoochiCoochi boasts a 5-star reputation among customers and clients.

There's a Brazilian Reasons to Get Waxed Here
Even better, owning a HoochiCoochi franchise affords a great quality of life. Each spa remains closed on Sundays and Mondays to allow staff to enjoy well-deserved time with their families—something aspiring franchise owners cannot get virtually anywhere else. The HoochiCoochi brand doesn’t believe in toxic corporate culture; instead, they offer the ease and flexibility of a small business with a beautiful, fun space for franchisees to work.