In our more-than-35-year history, Accurate Franchising, Inc. has worked with over 200 brands in more than 80 countries, turning our clients’ businesses into franchise successes. As the leader in franchise consulting, we have helped our clients gain outstanding results with every step of the process, from filing paperwork to finding franchisees to marketing for new locations.

We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to work closely with Marilyn Monroe Spas. This unique spa concept capitalizes on the world-famous name of Marilyn Monroe, evoking her glamour and honoring her legacy in everything they do.


Headquartered in Florida, Marilyn Monroe Spas is in an excitng stage of growth with locatons all over the United States and beyond. By bringing resort-style salons and spas to neighborhood locatons, Marilyn Monroe Spas makes Marilyn Monroe’s legacy of glamour and grace accessible to customers everywhere.

Marilyn Monroe


Utilizing the ultimate beauty icon, Marilyn Monroe, is how Marilyn Monroe Spas attracts customers’ attention fast. Marilyn Monroe’s face is instantly recognizable around the world, and she is known as one of the most beautiful women of all time as well as an enduring culture icon. Her namesake has allowed Marilyn Monroe Spas advantages over other brands in the industry, including pricing power.

Marilyn Monroe Salon and Spa


With domestic locations as far apart as Hawaii and Times Square, Marilyn Monroe Spas is poised for growth all over the U.S. The most attractive thing about Marilyn Monroe Spas is the spa business plan. Developed by salon industry veterans and hospitality experts, the Marilyn business plan is simple and streamlined, making this ground floor opportunity a great one for spa conversions and new entrepreneurs alike.

Marilyn Monroe’s status as an icon is not limited to the United States, which means that Marilyn Monroe Spas can grow abroad. Indeed, the brand has an expansion deal in India and other international markets, spreading the Marilyn Monroe Spas full-service salon around the globe.

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The partnership between AFI and Marilyn Monroe Spas has already yielded positve results. We let the team at Marilyn Monroe Spas focus on what they do best – running state of the art salons and spas – while we use our experience to further their franchise goals. Check out what their CEO, Jim Lewis, said about working with AFI:

“Working with Accurate Franchising has been an incredible process. From Day One, they have provided us with the necessary guidance for what it takes to be a successful franchise. Given their experience and professionalism, we have no doubt we partnered with the right company. This is only the beginning and (we) cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us. Thank you once again to Accurate Franchising. Without your expertse I do not believe we would have made it this far, this fast!”

If you’re interested in joining Marilyn Monroe Spas as a Franchise Owner, Contact AFI.