With its headquarters just north of Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Mobility Plus is providing products and services to help the people of the Windy City stay mobile and independent. As the population continues to age, Mobility Plus is perfectly positioned to become an excellent franchising option in the future. We take a deep dive and look at why Mobility Plus is a great option for potential franchisees.


Mobility Plus knows how strong the bond is between a person and their home. Whether it is the place they spent their childhood, or the place they are raising their family, the connection to the home is a powerful one.

With that in mind, Mobility Plus provides equipment that can help you or your loved ones continue to get the most out of their home as they age. Our products allow people to “age in place” and maintain their independence from the comfort of the home they love around the people they care about.

veterans helped by Mobility Plus


Mobility Plus has a government contract as a preferred supplier to the Veterans Administration. Mobility Plus has helped to serve several thousand veterans and takes great pride in assisting the men and women who have served this country.


As Mobility Plus looks to grow, it looks to expand in numerous different ways. With its contract with the VA, Mobility Plus wants to grow its presence in the veteran community and assist more servicemen and servicewomen in their homes.

Additionally, as the population continues to grow so too does the desire for a local service provider people can trust and feel comfortable working with. By franchising the Mobility Plus brand across the country, the company can build local relationships in an industry that still appreciates a local, personalized touch.

Mobility Plus has been open for more than a decade and just started franchising in 2018 by opening 15 locations. With a goal to more than double that number in six months, Mobility Plus is slated to continue growing in the future and plans to spread its name across a wide swath of the country.

helping veterans with Mobility Plus


The relationship between AFI and Mobility Plus has grown into a strong one. Thanks to consistent communication, and a desire from both sides to grow the Mobility Plus brand, AFI has helped the brand grow and expand while Mobility Plus has been able to focus on serving the people who need their services the most.

“Jason Anderson was a great support for Mobility Plus from the beginning,” Mobility Plus owner Rich Peter said. “His industry knowledge and consultation moved our company forward when we needed assistance. I would encourage any emerging franchise (such as ours) or developed franchise to reach out to Jason and his team. They offer affordable, unbiased, and flexible consultation services which could provide a strategy for growth and success.

“I was thankful; Even though they represent multiple successful brands, Accurate Franchising still worked with us knowing we were at the beginning stages of our franchise journey.”

Mobility Plus

To learn more about Mobility Plus and/or a potential franchise investment, contact AFI today.