Orozco’s Auto Service

Decades of experience guiding and supporting franchisors through their expansions has made Accurate Franchising, Inc. the leader in franchise development consulting. Combining tried and proven techniques with the new trends in franchising, we turn our clients into franchise successes.

One such client is Orozco’s Auto Service, an auto shop based in Long Beach, California. Orozco’s dedication to quality, service, and values sets them apart in the industry, and they are expanding with franchise locations.

Full Auto Service in Long Beach

Orozco’s Auto Service has a simple mission: To deliver the most affordable and effective car care service in the automotive industry through trust and high ethical standards. The brand has been serving the Long Beach community for nearly 30 years, expanding over time to three locations throughout the city.

Orozco's Auto Service

Service Is the Key

Automotive service may be Orozco’s primary product, but customer service comes in at a close second. Treating customers right is a way of life at Orozco’s Auto Service, where technicians are both skilled and honest, a rarity in the auto service industry. Orozco’s is also dedicated to their community, donating to various charities on local, state, and national levels. Giving back to customers and community is as important as doing quality work.


Orozco’s Auto Service is dedicated to providing outstanding service based on their values. In fact, customers and franchisees alike will get values, principles, and results, something they can get from few auto service franchises.

With the goal of opening 10 locations in the next two years and 200 locations in the next 10 years, Orozco’s plans to bring their brand’s dedication to territories around the country is in sight. This is undoubtedly a tantalizing prospect for franchisees and investors, as the automotive service industry will never go out of style. People everywhere will have the need for auto service and repairs, making Orozco’s a business worth investing in.  

Orozco's Auto Service

Working with Accurate Franchising, Inc.

With our expert guidance and resources, AFI plans to help Orozco Auto Service meet their franchising goals. Take a look at what Orozco’s leadership has to say about working with us to become a successful franchisor:

Orozco's Auto Service Shop

“[Accurate Franchising, Inc.’s team] is very professional…great service. They have been very patient with me to help me have the final say and guiding me through the process of doing the right things. A very trusted team and they do what they say they will do.”